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Workout Or Sleep When Tired?

Should You Workout Or Sleep When You Are Tired? - PharmEasy
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This is an internal struggle most of us had to endure. After a long day, you feel tired to your bones and yet it’s the time you have assigned to exercise. But you feel like you don’t have an iota of strength left in your body and you would like nothing better than to hit the sack. And then you would be berating yourself on missing out your daily exercise routine. So, what ought you to do? Sleep or exercise?

Exercise when you are tired?

The advice to exercise when you are exhausted may seem counterproductive. But, if you are reasonably tired, and have tonnes of activities lined up ahead of you, it may actually be a very good idea. That is because a moderately intensive 20-minute exercise can give you an enormous energy boost. When you work-out, it releases a flood of endorphins aka the happiness hormone. They are also painkillers and can relive your aching muscles. Exercise gets your heart racing which pumps blood more efficiently all over the body, driving away weariness.

Moreover, exercising when you are tired will actually help you sleep better at night!

But, you need to be cautious. If you are exhausted, your muscles are sore. An intensive work-out session may cause rips and tears in your muscles. It may even impair your immune system. So, go easy on yourself. Opt for full-body exercises that will ease the stress out of your muscles without taxing them too much. Be aware of your comfort level. What may work for your contemporaries might not be apt for you.

Here are a few exercises you can try out –

  1. A brisk jog around the park
  2. Dance work-out such as Zumba
  3. Swimming
  4. Jump rope
  5. Cycling
  6. Elliptical trainer
  7. Stretching exercises

Many of these activities are fun and the very fact that they are not tedious will motivate you to exercise.

Or Should You Sleep?

There are some instances when sleeping is indeed the ideal course of action. If you had been going through a phase when you had been toiling away like a maniac and sleeping fewer hours than usual, then your body is telling you that it needs some shut-eye to recharge its batteries. So go ahead, catch a few winks!

Understand your Weariness –

But if you are tired beyond reason, ask yourself, why are you so exhausted? Is it because you are not getting enough sleep? You have too much on your plate and you can barely cope? Or maybe you are stressed out. But, sometimes weariness could indicate some deep-seated underlying illness. That is why, if you find yourself dropping dead with exhaustion, the first thing you should be doing is consulting a doctor!

Your body is a finely crafted machine. It needs exercise to be in peak shape. It requires sleep to rejuvenate itself. So, don’t skip either.

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