6 Fitness Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Workout

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You have been working your backside off for a fit body, but the results are not in proportion to the efforts. What could be going be wrong, you wonder. Experts say that what you do before and after your workout makes as much difference to your fitness goals as what you do during your workout. Here is a look at some of the fitness mistakes that are ruining your workout.

  1. Are You Warming Up? Enough?

This is the most critical part of a workout. Many of us get started on our workouts without giving our body a warning. A warm-up session does just that. It preps your body for the strenuous exercise that will follow. The blood gets flowing, the joints moving and the muscles warmed up. By doing so, not only do you avoid injury but also reap the maximum from your exercises.

  1. Moving Only One Muscle Group

Each of our body has that one area that needs maximum attention. It could be the butt, the legs, the core or the arms. But focusing only on one muscle group can spell trouble. Ignoring the other areas may give you a disproportionate look and make you prone to injury. Working out the entire body boosts metabolism and strengthens muscles.

  1. Mindless Exercising

You head to the gym and hop on to the first available machine and then to the next one or start your cardio without a concrete plan or a fitness goal. Not planning your workout could be upending your fitness plans. It is best to work with a gym trainer or take guidance from your friend who has experience in this field.

  1. Avoiding Weight Training

Many people fear weight training thinking that they will bulk up. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Working out your muscles will make your body tone up. Also, weight training burns more fat. So lift those weights- especially women who avoid weight training like the plague. Ladies, no we won’t look like men. We don’t produce enough testosterone for that. Your waist will look smaller; thighs will be firmer and shoulders, more toned.

  1. Cardio Cardio Cardio

Are all your exercises just pumping up your heart? You need to take a second look at your workout. Just doing cardio will make you look thin but it will not do anything to tone your muscles. You need to weight train for that. There are no shortcuts to a fit body.

  1. Too Much, Too Soon

After enjoying a sedentary lifestyle, you are back on your feet to work out. Congratulations. But if you start running but have never run before or started weight training without prior experience, then you could be heading a downward spiral. Doing too much too soon makes you susceptible to injury but also makes you burn out faster. Workouts that are too strenuous or make you want to bite off more than what you can chew can leave you feeling tired and bored. Vary your workouts and pace them well. Your body needs to rest to recover from the workouts.

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