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Rim Jhim Batein: Try Coconut Oil for Weight Loss This Monsoon

Coconut oil for weight loss
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The process of losing weight during monsoon is a tricky one. All the garam garam pakoras, samosas are sure to make you binge eat all that fat. Morning walks turn out to be futile during heavy rainy days and to top that, you can’t even resist that extra-cheese burger for lunch. However, if you really intend to hit the bull’s eye on your weighing scale, here is something you may want to consider.

Coconut oil for weight loss works! Coconut oil has proven to have several properties that can help you shed all that baby fat from everywhere. Let’s have a look at how an oil, yes, oil, can fit you into your favorite pair of jeans.

What’s special about coconut oil?

Coconut oil extracted from matured coconuts is routinely used in many Indian households for cooking. Being oil, it contains fat; not all fat is bad. Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids, which are extremely healthy when it comes to weight loss, as they can help you lose the unwanted abdominal fat.

Coconut oil is reported to kill sugar cravings and helps you get over that constant state of being hungry.

Using coconut oil for weight loss also acts as an energy booster. Making it a part of your diet plan will help you to go smoothly through your busy day schedule in spite of your reduced food intake.

Coconut oil stimulates regular bowel movements. It increases your metabolism and helps you burn excess fat.

Coconut oil is indeed a complete package for weight loss, especially during monsoon.

How can it go wrong?

With the several benefits of coconut oil, it is possible that one may indulge in abuse. However, remember that consuming excess coconut oil, it is pure liquid fat, after all, can lead to diarrhea like symptoms, heart diseases, and metabolism disorders.

Coconut oil can even lead to weight gain if you do not compliment it with additional measures to lose weight like exercise and cutting off other high-calorie junk foods.

How to use it?

For best results, you need to add around 3-4 tablespoons (per day) of coconut oil to your monsoon diet. This needs to be complemented with some light exercise and avoiding other harmful fats in your diet. If you cannot do so, a dose of 1-2 tablespoons (per day) is more suitable.

There are several ways to do this. You can use coconut oil while cooking and roasting vegetables. Avoid butter when making popcorn and use coconut oil instead. You can even add it to your shakes and beverages, or to your oatmeal. Remember to keep a track of the oil you use for cooking and include it when counting your total oil consumption for the day.

If you do not cook for yourself or simply prefer to not do the above things, you could just have a spoonful of it around half an hour before lunch and dinner.

Keep a note of your intake this monsoon ka season and do not indulge in overconsumption, lest you end up replacing your burgers with liters of coconut oil.

So what are you waiting for? Keep calm and try coconut oil for weight loss this season!

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