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LivEasy Wellness Vitamin C With Zinc 1000mg Tablets: To Strengthen Your Immunity!

By Dixit Arora +2 more

Do you often suffer from cough and cold? Do seasonal allergies make you sneeze and sniff endlessly? It can be quite irritating and make you feel sick and lethargic too. Are you wondering why you are so vulnerable to flu, allergies or the common cold? It is because your immunity is weak.

Don’t worry, it is not difficult to improve your immunity. All you need is the right nutrition. LivEasy Wellness Vitamin C With Zinc 1000mg Tablets can help you attain your immunity goals. These tablets are made with the aim of helping your body fight back against viruses, bacteria, fungi or toxins that cause cough and cold, viral or bacterial fever, infections or allergies.   Consume LivEasy Wellness Vitamin C With Zinc 1000mg Tablets for a tough immunity.

LivEasy Wellness Vitamin C With Zinc 1000mg Tablets: To Strengthen Your Immunity! - PharmEasy

Why do you need LivEasy Wellness Vitamin C With Zinc 1000mg Tablets?

LivEasy Wellness Vitamin C With Zinc 1000mg Tablets contain two ingredients that your body needs to empower its natural immune system- Vitamin C and Zinc. These ingredients are completely safe. They will rapidly boost your immune power. Start consuming LivEasy Wellness Vitamin C With Zinc 1000mg Tablets to see a drastic improvement in your immunity.

1. Phyllanthus emblica.L Amla for immunity that cannot be defeated

As you know, amla has numerous benefits for your health. It has always been used in Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of illnesses caused by weak immunity. Amla is loaded with Vitamin C. Did you know that the humble amla contains 20 times more Vitamin C than oranges?

Vitamin C in amla increases the production of lymphocytes and phagocytes. These are your white blood cells or immune cells. They can shield the body from the harmful effects of pathogens and toxins. When these substances enter your body, the WBCs are sent to kill and destroy the threat.

Vitamin C also relaxes your blood vessels and allows more blood to flow easily through them. This means your WBCs can swiftly reach the area where the pathogens are and start destroying them.

Another reason why your immunity is weak is that free radicals are damaging your cells, including your immunity cells through a process called oxidative stress. But Vitamin C in amla is an antioxidant. It can prevent free radicals from affecting your cells.    

Besides, Amla’s Vitamin C will also speed up healing. Vitamin C also serves the added benefit of helping your body absorb iron to prevent iron-deficiency anaemia.

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2. Zinc Sulphate for overall health and immunity

Zinc sulphate works alongside Vitamin C to improve your immunity. This ingredient is very important for the maintenance of healthy cells, tissues and muscles. Deficiency of zinc is linked to many health conditions, including poor immunity. And these days, since most of us are not careful about our diet, there is a possibility we are not getting enough zinc.

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But   LivEasy Wellness Vitamin C With Zinc 1000mg Tablets will supply your daily requirement of zinc. Zinc can boost your immunity by activating your immunity cells to kill pathogens. It can be effective against cough and cold, diarrhoea and allergies. It is also needed for transmission of nerve impulses and can work against memory loss. Zinc sulphate helps to maintain good eyesight and is necessary for the functioning of your thyroid gland.

Strong immunity is the key to good health! Start taking LivEasy Wellness Vitamin C With Zinc 1000mg Tablets as soon as possible and say hello to a healthier version of yourself.


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