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LivEasy Wellness Sugar Substitute Tablets: Eat Your Favourite Sweets Without Worrying!

LivEasy Wellness Sugar Substitute Tablets: Eat Your Favourite Sweets Without Worrying! - PharmEasy
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We Indians usually love all things sweet. Our celebrations are incomplete without desserts, we like our tea and coffee with plenty of sugar, and we consume sweets and other sugary drinks almost on a regular basis. But you have to steer clear of sugar if you have diabetes or high blood sugar as table sugar or sucrose is disastrous for diabetes management. Even if you don’t have diabetes, you should avoid sugar as it has many detrimental effects on your health including increasing obesity risks, triggering cardiovascular disorders, ruining your immunity, causing tooth decay, speeding up aging, and prompting inflammation-caused problems like arthritis. 

So should you give up desserts altogether? 

No! Consume LivEasy Wellness Sugar Substitute Tablets instead. These tablets are made from sucralose. Sucralose is a man-made sugar that tastes exactly like table sugar, but you can consume it without worry or guilt because it does not harm your health. It contains zero fats, has no calories, and helps to keep blood sugar level stable. That is why people with diabetes, people on keto or low-calorie diets, as well as people who want to eat healthy, can safely consume LivEasy Wellness Sugar Substitute Tablets.

Reasons why LivEasy Wellness Sugar Substitute Tablets is better than regular sugar-

1. Diabetes control

Sucralose in LivEasy Wellness Sugar Substitute Tablets does not trigger frequent rise and fall of blood sugar level. Sugar fluctuation makes diabetes management very difficult. After consumption of any meal made with a sugar substitute, sucralose keeps blood sugar level steady because it has a low glycaemic index. It is better than table sugar because scientists have found that table sugar makes the body insulin resistant. 

2. Ideal for weight management

Regular sugar is loaded with calories. Besides, the more sugar you consume, the more elevated your blood sugar will be. This also triggers insulin resistance. Did you know that prolonged elevated sugar level and insulin resistance are both tied to weight gain? Sugar is also something your body digests quickly. That is why sweets or desserts are easily digested and soon afterwards you start feeling hungry. Without the sensation of satiety, you will continue to eat unhealthy foods and this increases the risk of obesity. 

Consume LivEasy Wellness Sugar Substitute Tablets for an opportunity to control your weight. These tablets contain no calories or fats and hence do not add more calories into your system than you need. Extra calories are converted to fats. Without the harsh effects of sugar and thanks to its zero-calorie formula, people who want to try a keto diet, low-fat diet, or people who are very conscious about the kind of food they eat can easily consume LivEasy Wellness Sugar Substitute Tablets.

3. Improved dental health

Regular sugar is terrible for your mouth’s health. Why? When you eat sugary foods or consume sugary drinks, they create an acidic atmosphere in your mouth which is ideal for the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disorders. But LivEasy Wellness Sugar Substitute Tablets that are composed of sucralose do not have that effect inside your mouth. 
Regular sugar is best avoided by all- especially if you have diabetes and even if you don’t have it. But you don’t have to discard the small pleasures of life that we derive from biting into desserts and sweets. Take LivEasy Wellness Sugar Substitute Tablets to safely consume all your favourite sweets and beverages without any concern.

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