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Uncommon COVID-19 Symptoms You Need To Know Now!

Uncommon COVID-19 Symptoms You Need To Know Now! - PharmEasy
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COVID-19 shows no signs of going away. Even as the world tries, it’s best to come up with an effective vaccine, thousands continue to get infected every day and the death toll has reached horrifying heights. 

In India, the pandemic has already affected nearly 5 million people. And as we all know by now, the best way to protect ourselves from the disease is to be familiar with the symptoms, seek treatment at the right time, and maintain personal hygiene and social distancing.

But what if you don’t recognize the symptoms? It is possible because new strains of the coronavirus are triggering signs that you would never associate with COVID-19. In this article, we will look at some of these uncommon COVID-19 symptoms. 

Traditional symptoms of coronavirus

Since the pandemic began way back in early 2020, healthcare professional across the world raised awareness regarding the most prominent symptoms that the virus triggers which include-

  1. High fever
  2. Body ache, headache, and muscle ache
  3. Constant dry coughing
  4. Sore or painful throat
  5. Low levels of oxygen in the blood
  6. Difficulty in breathing


Accordingly, when people noticed these symptoms in themselves or people they know, they would get tested. 

But now, it has been discovered that coronavirus is giving rise to a new set of symptoms. And you need to be familiar with them, otherwise, you won’t even know that you have contracted COVID-19.

The most surprising new symptom- COVID-Toe

Doctors have known for long that the virus is evolving and new types or strains are emerging. With time, new data have emerged that point to the changing nature of the coronavirus. 

The most surprising new symptoms that doctors have observed are chilblain-like toes or fingers in COVID-19 patients. 

Chilblains usually affect your toes and feet when they are exposed to very cold air. The blood vessels get inflamed and the toes and fingers become swollen, red, and very itchy.  

But now COVID-19 is also triggering chilblains and doctors are calling it COVID-toes. COVID-toes (can also affect fingers) are not just red and inflamed but may also be accompanied by pustules, blisters, and significant pain.

So far, medical experts have noticed that COVID-toes show up once the infection has progressed and are more common in children than adults. 

In fact, many cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed because the doctors saw chilblains in the patients and recommended a COVID test.

Other new symptoms of COVID-19

New cases of COVID-19 have shed light on many unexpected symptoms of this disease. Doctors still do not know why COVID-19 might trigger them. But recently, some patients with coronavirus have shown these signs-

  1. Hair loss
  2. Hiccups
  3. Sudden weight loss
  4. Various skin-related issues
  5. Conjunctivitis-like symptoms such as eye discharge, soreness, inflammation, itchy eyes and redness in the eyes

It’s time to be on alert

It is very difficult to predict what new symptoms COVID-19 will present. The disease is unpredictable and doctors still have a lot to learn. That is why we all need to be cautious. If you are feeling even slightly unwell, or witness any new symptoms, speak with a medical expert. It could be something harmless or it could be COVID-19. 

Until a vaccine is invented, stay home as much as possible. And when you go out, observe the COVID-19 protocol. That is the only way to keep yourself and everyone safe. 

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