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Decoded: Indian Traditional Beauty

Indian traditional
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Indian traditional Beauty is renowned for its traditions and cultural values, for the vibrant and varied attires, jewellery and other accessories that are native to specific parts of the country. Irrespective of where the tradition comes from, the thought put behind each of them is interesting. Here is quick read through about the scientific health benefits of the ornaments a woman wears:


1. Bangles

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The wrist portion of any human is constantly doing some or the other work and is in constant activation. The pulse in the wrist is checked for all sorts of ailments. The constant friction created in the wrist region by the bangles increases the blood circulation level. The circular shape of the bangles, traps the body’s energy and prevents it from escaping.

2. Ear Piercings

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Ear piercing is regarded highly in the Indian traditional ethos. Indian physicians and philosophers firmly believe that ear piercings help developing the intellect, enhances the decision making facilities and the power of thinking. Piercing the ear is also said to induce speech restraint and reduce impertinent behaviour.

3. Mehendi / Henna

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Applying henna on the hands is a common in Indian traditional throughout various cultures and traditions. Apart from lending color to the hands and feet, Henna cools the body down and helps sooth the nerves and reduce stress. It is significant during the wedding seasons, as the stress levels are commonly running high during the wedding season.

4. Bindi

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Between the eyebrows lies a major nerve point, which is pressed every time a person applies kum kum. The red kum kum also helps retain energy in the body and helps control various levels of concentration.
It also helps facilitate the blood supply to the face muscles.

5. Toe Rings

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A particular nerve passes through the second toe, from the uterus to the heart. Wearing a toe ring in the second finger may strengthen the uterus, keeping it healthy by regulating the blood flow to it and regularizing the menstrual cycle. Toe rings are generally made of silver which, being a good conductor, absorbs polar energies and passes them on to the body.

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