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Think Twice Before You Idolize Your Favorite Fictional Characters!

Favourite Fictional Character
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Favourite Fictional Character We grew up watching these characters on our television sets. But have you ever wondered what it’d be like to meet sleeping beauty, the famous Disney princess or Po from the Kung Fu Panda fame in real life? We are assuming it won’t be much fun. Po’s morbid obesity will intimidate you and a 24/7 sleepy Sleeping Beauty will probably put you to sleep. PharmEasy decided to analyse each one of these childhood heroes and figure out what could possible be wrong with them.  Warning: Please don’t take this to heart, we love these guys as much as you do!

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Mario: This little guy got so over-enthusiastic that we had to call him ‘Super Mario’.  We are not sure if it were the mushrooms or the plants but this guy did get pretty hyper which leads us to suspect that he suffered from HYPERTHYROIDISM. He surely showed us all the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. It has been estimated that about 42 million people in India suffer from Thyroid problems.

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Olive, the damsel in forever distress, harassed by Bluto saved by Popeye is a well-known character. But we couldn’t help but notice that she was all bones and no skin. Not ‘naturally’ skinny but anorexic thin. This is a serious problem faced by many Indians, predominantly women.  Anorexia is the most common form of eating disorder.

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If you look deeper and beyond those unbelievably chubby blue cheeks and adorable puppy eyes, you’ll see that sadness’s problems ran deep. We often neglect mental health and brush it off as ‘all in the mind’ thing but mental health is softly and slowly killing us all. One in every 10 Indians is depressed and battling anxiety, depression, phobias, and eating disorders. Not everyone is lucky to find a companion like Joy in life who helps us get through things!

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Behold! Here comes the all-time Favourite Fictional Character (and probably the oldest) Disney princess. All of us grew up reading the magical story of Snow White and the elves. As Indians, we are obsessed with white skin tone but there’s an ‘unhealthy’ line between being pale and being fair. Statistics state that every second woman in India is Anaemic.

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Po is everybody’s hero! He is cute, he is smart, and he’s hilarious. He not only has some sweet Kung Fu moves but he also found his inner peace and chi and all that jazz. But most of us aren’t that fortunate to become dragon warriors with bulging bellies. We need to face our morbid obesity and take corrective measures.

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Sleep can be tricky. Sleeping too much and sleeping too little, both can be problematic. Finding the right balance is very important. Sleeping just right is extremely important as it can affect your body and mind (and your day in many cases).

Leave us a comment below if you wish to add to the list. Let us know your Favourite Fictional Character and we’ll help you find out what they are suffering from. Kidding! (not).

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