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Health Wizards Season 1 – A B-School Competition By PharmEasy

By Shreya Gupta +2 more

PharmEasy Health Wizards is a cutting-edge B-school competition that encourages young minds to think creatively and use a multifaceted approach to solve problems. Through a series of competitive rounds, we handpick health wizards who can take critical thinking and problem-solving to the next level.

PharmEasy Health Wizards Season 1 was held from July to September 2021.

  • 140 teams
  • 12 finalists  
  • 5 colleges
  • 3 winners

The Approach

The mode of communication to conduct research was in the form of detailed/critical analysis. The research analysis was supposed to be a planned, careful critical evaluation of the given problem against the pre-specified criteria to judge the strengths and weaknesses of the product. The participants were asked to use strong human insights for detailed insights.

The target groups for this project were:

  • Target Group 1 – 20 to 35 years
  • Target Group 2 – 35 to 50 years

140 teams participated wherein X teams worked for TG 1 and used BLUE PILL as their project name and Y teams worked for TG 2 and used RED PILL as their project name. A team consisted of one individual or two team partners.

Eligibility Criterion

Students pursuing a two-year flagship PGP/MBA program from the following business schools:

  • IMT Ghaziabad
  • MDI Gurgaon
  • IIM Indore
  • NMIMS Mumbai
  • SIBM Pune


  • 1st Position

Team IM Tiger – Harsh Dave & Muskaan Nautiyal – IMT Ghaziabad

  • 2nd Position

Team 07 – Kunaal Pardeshi & Puneet Vig – MDI Gurgaon

  • 3rd Position

Team Product Pushers – Kunal Uppal & Amit Bansal – IMT Ghaziabad 

Team Vivid – Urvi Sawant & Vandana Wadh – NMIMS Mumbai

Grand Prize  

Apart from an enriching experience, we will be providing certificates to all our participants. Along with this, the winners of Health Wizards will be awarded cash prizes. Deserving candidates to be offered PPIs. 

About PharmEasy

PharmEasy delivers medicines and healthcare products from registered and trusted pharmacies to your doorstep at affordable prices. It also offers diagnostic tests from certified labs with a sample collection facility from your home. PharmEasy’s mission is ‘Simplifying Healthcare, Impacting Lives!’.


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