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Quashing 5 Common Asthma Myths!

Asthma myths
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Speak to an Asthma patient, and they will tell you how helpless they feel at the time of an attack! Sometimes the situation is so grave that they land up believing any information that is thrown at them. Sadly, asthma myths reach patients and their caregivers before they can gain real knowledge.

This gives rise to many misconceptions and myths that do more damage than good! Asthma myths can be very dangerous as they present a false image and force the patient to believe it.

Here are some common asthma myths that you should stop believing in right away:

Myth #1 Treat Asthma only when an attack occurs

Fact: Asthma drugs are more effective when consumed regularly and as directed.

In the past, many medical experts suggested inhaling steroids only when an attack occurred. However, now many researchers are inferring that it is more beneficial to take Asthma medication on a daily basis, in fact, it is better to continue with the medication even on the days when you feel perfectly fine. This is a sure-shot way to manage better and somewhat control an asthma attack. Don’t pay heed to asthma myths!

Myth # 2 Childhood Asthma disappears with age

Fact: Asthma is a life-long condition that gets better managed with age.

Many people believe that as one gets old, the symptoms of asthma will disappear and eventually you will recover completely from the disease. Well, that is not the case. However, the severity and frequency of an attack go down with age. But that is because, as we grow old, our lungs get bigger, healthier, and less sensitive to asthmatic triggers.

Myth # 3 Asthma patients should not indulge in exercising

Fact: Lead a healthy, healthy life and make time for regular exercise to keep yourself fit and active.

Among all asthma myths, this one is genuinely baseless! Exercising doesn’t trigger an attack; in fact, many exercises help to make the lungs and heart stronger and more resistant to an attack. However, it is always better to follow the advice of an expert before indulging in any form of exercise – big or small.

Myth # 4 Asthma is a nerve disorder

Fact: This disease affects your airways and not your mind!

Many Asthmatics have noticed that anxiety and stress trigger an Asthma attack. Well, that may be true for many, but fear and tension do not cause Asthma. Therefore, it can be safely assumed that this is not a psychological ailment.

Myth # 5 All Asthmatics should undergo the same treatment

Fact: Every Asthma patient is unique, and no one treatment plan suits all.

Every Asthma patient’s problem area, triggers, and symptoms are unique and need a personalized Asthma action plan. Thus, every patient may react differently to Asthma treatment and drugs. This is because what may suit one may not suit another and vice versa. Hence, it is best to steer clear of asthma myths.

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Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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