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9 Irritating Scalp Conditions In Men!

By Dr. Nikita Toshi +2 more

Hair is, rightly known as the crowning glory. Different hairstyles add or subtract so much from our overall appearances. What we eat, how much we sleep, the amount of water and our lifestyle have a telling effect on our mane. There are many environmental, dietary and genetic factors that affect our scalps and our hair. Let us look at nine scalp conditions that affect men.

Mens scalp problems - PharmEasy

  1. Hair Loss

When you lose large amounts of hair and it doesn’t grow back, it is called hair loss. All of us lose some amount of hair every day but when we lose more than what the body can regenerate it becomes a serious condition and needs to be treated medically.

  1. Male Pattern Baldness

When men lose hair from around the temples and the hairline keeps receding, it is known as male pattern baldness. When the hair’s growth cycle weakens and the hair follicles begin to shrink. This produces thinner hair and ultimately even that tapers off. Take a medical opinion because in most cases it is harmless but could be caused by certain types of cancer, medicines and thyroid problems. Please seek immediate medical assistance and do not take any medications on your own.

  1. Alopecia Areata

When men suffer the loss of hair in small coin-shaped patches, it is known as Alopecia Areata. The patches occur at random places. In most cases, the person’s immune system goes against itself and begins to attack the hair follicles. This can even lead to complete baldness if not treated on time. Consult a dermatologist if you notice bald patches on your scalp.

  1. Seborrheic Dermatitis

In this scalp condition, the skin becomes scaly and red and dandruff is caused. While in most cases it happens in the hair scalp in women and men. It causes hair loss, it may spread to the face, neck, chest, and back. Usually, the oiliness in the skin triggers this condition. It is a long-term skin issue and needs regular sittings with the dermatologist. If you’re facing any side effects from given medications or treatments, do let your doctor know. In most cases, it can be avoided by following a good skin care routine.

  1. Psoriasis

In this scalp condition, thick, red patches develop. This is an autoimmune disease in which the buildup of cells occurs causing a scaly appearance. It may also be associated with other diseases like diabetes, heart issues, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease.

  1. Head Lice

Scary as it might be to have insects crawling on your scalp, it is better to be informed about what they are. Lice are blood-suckers that spread through contact with an infected person, sharing personal items like combs, towels, and headphones, even. Extreme scalp itchiness, sores on the scalp and a feeling that something is crawling on your head are instant giveaways. Many OTC medications are available to treat the condition.

  1. Dandruff

This is perhaps the most common scalp condition. White flakes are a result of the buildup of the dead skin from the scalp. The condition is blamed on a fungus living on the skin. Washing hair regularly with a medicated shampoo may help with the problem. You can also find many home remedies to remove dandruff.

  1. Ring Worm

When circular, red, scaly patches are left on the scalp leading to hair loss; it is known as ringworm infection. It is caused by a fungus and not by worms. It can be treated medically by medicines and antifungal shampoo.

  1. Folliculitis

This is an infection affecting the hair follicle. The follicles are sacs at the bottom of the hair which fill with pus. The condition is caused by bacteria and can be treated with an antibiotic. However, do inform your doctor if you have any history of allergy to medicines (if experienced in the past).

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational/awareness purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional and should not be relied upon to diagnose or treat any medical condition. The reader should consult a registered medical practitioner to determine the appropriateness of the information and before consuming any medication. PharmEasy does not provide any guarantee or warranty (express or implied) regarding the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of the information; and disclaims any liability arising thereof.

Links and product recommendations in the information provided here are advertisements of third-party products available on the website. PharmEasy does not make any representation on the accuracy or suitability of such products/services. Advertisements do not influence the editorial decisions or content. The information in this blog is subject to change without notice. The authors and administrators reserve the right to modify, add, or remove content without notification. It is your responsibility to review this disclaimer regularly for any changes.


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