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Why Does The Correct Sitting Posture Matter?

Why Does The Correct Sitting Posture Matter? - PharmEasy
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Have you ever been instructed to sit straight and not slouch? It’s time you start sitting correctly!  Your body can benefit immensely if you could just convince yourself to kick the habit of slumping when you sit. This is generally referred to as bad sitting posture or letting your spine curve or arch. 

A good sitting posture requires you to place your feet firmly on the ground and keep your spine naturally arched and straight. Your shoulders should be gently pushed back and both your ears should be parallel to your collarbone. Why is sitting straight important? Let’s find out –

  • No more back pain

Does your lower back hurt after a long day at the office? When you slouch, you put undue pressure on your discs and ligaments in the spinal cord. That is why you may often experience lower back pain if you have been sitting for a long period of time. And if this continues, the back pain may turn chronic.

To rectify this, you need to sit straight so that your muscles and ligaments support your spine and the load on the spine is evenly distributed.

  • Goodbye to headaches

Do you suffer frequent episodes of splitting headaches? There are several causes of headaches such as the common cold, migraine or poor quality of sleep. But the commonest cause of headaches is bad sitting posture. Slouching creates tension along the back of the neck. Correcting your sitting posture can help reduce the frequency of headaches.


  • More liveliness

When your spine is upright while sitting (and your work needs you to sit for long hours), then your back muscles are more aligned and at greater ease. This also affords them greater mobility.

Poor sitting posture restricts the movement of your muscles. That means your muscles will have to work extra hard to keep the spine in place. So a lot of your energy will be used up by these muscles and that may leave you feeling drained and fatigued.

  • Your joints will be healthy

Proper sitting posture ensures that your spinal discs stay healthy. Spinal discs are jelly-like structures that protect the spine from shocks and give it mobility. When these discs are healthy, there won’t be wear and tear of the joints- a common cause of severe chronic back pain. 

  • Breathe easier

Is your breathing shallow? If you slouch, you will compress both of your lungs and breathe shallowly. But a good sitting posture allows your lungs to expand to the fullest. This increases your lung capacity. Sitting straight is especially important for people with bronchial problems.

  • Better blood circulation

When you slouch, your whole upper body is hunched. It leads to unnatural bends in your blood vessels and does not allow blood to circulate efficiently in the body. 

A good sitting posture keeps the blood vessels open and free and allows your blood to flow effortlessly and nourish the organs in your body.

  • More strength

Looking for an easy way to increase upper body strength? Good posture guarantees enhanced upper body strength. This is because this posture keeps your upper back muscles and shoulder muscles strong and active.

When you sit, the key is to be conscious of your posture. Eventually sitting straight will not require effort, it will feel natural. So sit straight for a healthy spine, and eventually a healthy life.


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