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How Does High Blood Pressure Affect The Human Body?

High Blood Pressure effects on body
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Hypertension or high blood pressure is when the person has a blood pressure of more than 140/90 mmHg. Experts say that India will soon become the art disease capital of the world.

  1. About 33% of urban Indians and 25% of rural Indians suffer from high blood pressure.
  2. High blood pressure is considered the third most important factor for the attributable burden of disease in South Asia. (Source)
  3. More than 50% of death due to stroke and almost 25% of deaths due to coronary heart disease are due to high blood pressure.
  4. High blood pressure is considered one of the primary causes of premature death by the World Health Organization.
  5. More than one-fifth of men and an equal number of women are suffering from hypertension.
  6. One in every 11 Indians is suffering from high blood pressure and related problems.
  7. Women will surpass men suffering from high blood pressure by 2025.
  8. Earlier, the non-controllable factors like the genetic constitution, age, and gender were responsible for susceptibility to high blood pressure. Now, modifiable risk factors like physical inactivity, diet, and stress contribute to the risk of getting hypertension.
  9. Most people exhibit no symptoms, and this is why hypertension is known as the Silent Killer. Some people might experience symptoms of dizziness, nose bleeds, chest pain, and heart palpitations.
  10. Heart disease, a direct consequence of high blood pressure, is getting prevalent in the younger Indians. Now men and women, as young as 25 years, are falling prey to hypertension.
  11. Unhealthy eating habits, dependence on fast food and processed food, high level of stress, and physical inactivity are responsible for the trend of the younger population suffering from high blood pressure.
  12. A sedentary lifestyle without any exercise routine increases the risk of getting problems related to high blood pressure by two times.
  13. The amount of Indians suffering from high blood pressure has been steadily increasing for the last 50 years.
  14. Kidney failure, vision loss, blood vessels rupture and impairment of cognitive functions are potential complications arising from having a persistent hypertensive condition.
  15. Eating fresh and healthy food and on time, having an active lifestyle and controlled consumption of alcohol can reduce the risks of getting hypertension significantly.

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