PV Sindhu’s Historic Win – Here Are 3 Takeaways For You!

PV Sindhu’s Historic Win – Here Are 3 Takeaways For You! - PharmEasy
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PV Sindhu created history when she won gold at the BWF World Championship on 25th August 2019. It took her multiple attempts to become the world champion but she didn’t let her failure dishearten her. 

She persisted with enormous amounts of self-discipline, dedication and drive and finally succeeded. And we can all learn a lesson or two from her victory. While we will not be competing to win gold, we can try to mimic her routine to a degree so that we too can stay fit, healthy and succeed in our respective careers.

Here are a few pointers from Sindhu’s daily routine-

 1. Eat Your Way To Fitness –

Diet is at the core of your health. Sindhu’s diet is an uncompromising balance between carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates give you the energy you need to keep your body going. Proteins, the building blocks, help in the repair of your damaged cells and muscles. For snacks, she keeps in hand dried nuts, fresh fruits and non-sugared fruit juice. But for dinner, she keeps it light, just like all dieticians would advise you, she only eats grilled vegetables and meat.

You don’t have to follow her diet to the T because this grilled or boiled diet might be too bland for most of our palates. But, you too should focus on incorporating just the right amount of healthy carbohydrates such as whole grain, potatoes, seeds and nuts and proteins (animal/plant), and other wholesome foods that give you a reliable mix of nutrients such as vegetables and dairy. 

Consume healthy fruity snacks in between meals to keep your metabolism going strong. And make sure your dinner is light so that it doesn’t affect your sleep. 

2. Work-out is the Key –

PV Sindhu is in sports and a sportsperson’s routine can be punishing. She wakes up at 4 AM and begins her gruelling exercise routine that consists of sprinting, pushups, sit-ups, weight training, core strength exercises and what not.

While you possibly won’t have the time to work out as much as she will, you can always squeeze in half an hour of exercise every day. Go on a run, swimming, cycling to keep your heart healthy. Do some basic strength training at the gym to increase your muscle mass. Exercise can protect you from diseases such as heart ailments, arthritis, kidney disorders etc.

3. The Power of Positive Thinking –

You can’t rise to the top without taking a few beatings. Twice PV Sindhu came second and won silver, but her determination paid off this year and she has now struck gold.

And this happens to all of us. There are many roadblocks in terms of situations and people but, like Sindhu, who faced her share of criticism, you can’t afford to be sidetracked. Keep the goal in sight and keep fighting. Think positive and be your own life coach. Add yoga and meditation to your daily routine to build focus and determination.

Conclusion –

PV Sindhu’ story is that of hard work and determination and eventually success. It teaches us that we too can reach our goals in life, be it health or any other, simply with determination, hard work and focus.

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