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Is COVID Making a Come-Back With Rising Case-Count?

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The fight against coronavirus has been going on for more than a year now. We have been living a life of restrictions since March 2020. It was a very difficult year for every one of us. We were constantly hoping that the ‘curve would be flattened’ any day. But every day we only read reports of increasing case-count and death toll.

Just when it seemed that all hope was lost, in January 2021, the Union Health Minister announced that the COVID graph has finally been flattened with 146 districts not having reported any fresh cases in a week.

This news came in conjunction with the onset of COVID vaccination in India. And we all greeted this update with a happy sigh.

But maybe our happiness is short-lived. There is an indication that COVID might rear its head again. Here’s what has been happening recently-

India’s COVID caseload is rising

The dwindling rate of new COVID infections did not continue for long. On 2nd February, India recorded its lowest ever number of new infections in a day (8635).

But soon after, the caseload began to rise again. And by February 18th, the number of fresh cases rose to 12881 and may continue to increase over the next few days.

The situation in Mumbai

When COVID struck for the first time back in early 2020, Mumbai was one of the worst-hit cities. The same pattern is emerging again. 

Mumbai has witnessed a steady rise in the number of infections. Municipality officials are traversing the length and breadth of Mumbai to understand the gravity of the situation. In just one day, the case-count went up by nearly 260 new cases. Despite the alarming new trend, Mumbai’s recovery rate continues to be 94% and patients are steadily being discharged. 

Officials are considering reintroducing certain restrictions such as strict quarantine and regulation of movement in housing societies. Police have urged people to exercise caution and minimize going out.

The global situation

New strains of COVID that are much more infectious than the original virus have spread across the world and even arrived in India. Even so, the global case-count has dropped by 16%. Vaccination is underway. But 130 countries are still to receive the COVID vaccine. The UN is in the process of procuring vaccines for everyone. Major vaccine producers will do their part to ensure that no country is left out. 

The vaccination drive in India

The only way to defeat COVID and keep everyone safe is through vaccination. More than 94 lakh people have been vaccinated already. We are still in the stage of providing the vaccine to high-risk beneficiaries such as healthcare professionals, and frontline workers. Very soon, India will move to the next stage and start vaccinating people above 50 years of age.

So, now more than ever before when we are close to winning the war against COVID, we have to be cautious. We cannot relax the pandemic restrictions because if we do, the case-count will spiral again. So, continue sanitizing, mask-wearing, and social distancing and get the COVID shot when your turn comes. 

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