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How Taekwondo Is The New Fitness Mantra For Heart, Body and Mind?

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Asia’s first woman to be awarded the Taekwondo 6th Dan Black Belt, Rachana Chaurasia has been mastering Taekwondo since 1986. It took her 22 years of sheer hard work to receive that honour and has no plans of slowing down now.

Whilst juggling the responsibilities of being the Vice-Chairperson of Women Committee (International Taekwondo Federation), the Secretary-General of Taekwondo Association of India (and Delhi) and the Chairperson Tournament Committee of Taekwondo Association of India (and Delhi), she still manages to train rigorously.

In this country of rising crime rates, Rachana encourages people, especially women to take up Taekwondo for self-defence in the event of an attack.

3 key benefits of Taekwondo

  1. The kind of power that Taekwondo instils within you helps boost your confidence to new peaks.
  2. You also gain immense flexibility especially if you start training at an early age. Flexibility comes along due to all the forms of stretching that this martial art demands.
  3. Further, it plays a role in non-fitness related careers too. A person who has completed the Taekwondo Black Belt is given preference across many professions where fitness is considered essential such as pilot or air hostess.

The ideal age to plunge in

The perfect time for anyone to start is around the age of 2 to 2.5yrs, after which there is no limit to when you can keep training. In fact, Rachana has crossed 50 and is on a mission to achieve the 7th Dan Black Belt.

Advice to women

Rachana recommends at least a 1-week class, to begin the journey of Taekwondo for self-defence. The skills, techniques and tips taught are extremely useful in times of danger.

Soothe your daily work life

Rachana works for nearly 12 hours a day and still looks fresh throughout. Her mantra – Taekwondo. The excessive back exercises and breathing techniques keep you energized all day long. Especially for the professions requiring hours of being fixated in your seat, practising it would do wonders for your health. “At the very least, even taking a few steps every hour would help,” Rachana adds.

Taekwondo brings along many other benefits to your daily work life. It helps a great deal in controlling your weight and maintaining a toned stomach. It even prevents medical bills from burning holes in your pocket by keeping the doctor far away. However, for it to prove effective, it must be practised regularly.

For the ones with a gazillion worries bouncing around in mind, try out this form of martial arts as it entails deep meditation which clears your thoughts and fully de-stresses you.

A balanced diet is a must

Exercise and nutrition are a package – one without the other is never as effective. Thus, with taekwondo comes diet guidance to build your immune system. It is highly recommended to perhaps have a banana, half an apple or even a few biscuits every hour or two. This effortlessly hikes up your metabolism rate. Lifestyle modification is crucial to living a healthy life. Also include these food items in your diet chart such as milk, fruits, curd and salads to your daily consumption quota and unload excessive amounts of rice and chapatti from the same.

As it is increasingly being recognized as a sport too, Rachana wishes Taekwondo remain a self-defence art that inculcates self-discipline amongst everyone and keeps them on their toes.

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