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Easy Home Remedies for Bleeding Gums

By Dr Siddharth Gupta +2 more


Bleeding gums are a common oral health issue and often an early symptom of gum disease. They mainly occur due to plaque accumulation in the gums. This in turn can lead to inflammation and swelling of the gums known as gingivitis. 1 When plaque is not removed from the gums, it will harden leading to formation of a substance called tartar. As a result, there will be increased bleeding and development of periodontitis (a serious gum infection that affects the soft tissue and bone that anchors the tooth). 2  

how to stop gum bleeding naturally

When gum bleeding is evident during brushing or flossing, it might be ignored thinking it is normal. However, bleeding gums can sometimes indicate a serios underlying medical condition. Sometimes, bleeding gums can occur when you brush your teeth very hard or when you wear ill-fitted dentures. Bleeding gums can be remedied by taking simple measures like maintaining good oral hygiene, consulting the dentist regularly, quitting smoking, and consuming a healthy, well-balanced diet. 3 

What Causes Bleeding Gums? 

Gum bleeding can occur due to local (oral) problems or systemic (underlying medical conditions) factors. 1 

Local factors include: 

  • Gingivitis 
  • Periodontitis   
  • Brushing forcefully 
  • Decayed tooth  
  • Poor oral health 

Systemic factors include: 

  • Diabetes mellitus (elevated blood glucose levels) 
  • Drug-induced bleeding (certain drugs like aspirin and warfarin result in gum bleeding, oral contraceptives are known to cause gingivitis and may result in bleeding from gums) 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Vitamin C deficiency 
  • Vitamin K deficiency 
  • Von Willebrand’s disease (a hereditary blood clotting disorder that is known to cause excessive bleeding) 
  • Thrombocytopenic purpura (This is a disorder where platelets responsible for clotting blood are low in number, resulting in gum bleeding).  
  • Aplastic anemia (type of blood disorder) 
  • Leukemia (a type of bone marrow disorder) 

Did you know?

Symptoms of Bleeding Gums: 

While examining your oral cavity, when looking for a cause for bleeding gums, the dentist might find signs like: 3 

  • Receding gum lines 
  • Mild bleeding from dental instruments 
  • Cavities 
  • Swollen gums 

These signs can help your dentist diagnose the cause of gum bleeding.  

Home Remedies for Bleeding Gums: 

Simple measures can be taken at home to prevent bleeding gums. Some measures include: 3 

1. Maintaining good oral hygiene: 

Gum bleeding is a sign of poor oral hygiene. Gums bleed or become swollen when there is plaque accumulation at the gum line. For pregnant women, good oral hygiene is extremely important.  3 

2. Increasing your intake of vitamin C: 

A diet rich in vitamin C can boost the functioning of your immune system. It can also help prevent gum infections that lead to bleeding gums. A deficiency of vitamin C can make your bleeding worse if you have gum disease. Some sources of vitamin C include sweet potatoes, carrots, red peppers, and oranges.  3 

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3. Increasing your intake of vitamin K: 

Consuming vitamin K supplements can help relieve bleeding gums. Vitamin K is necessary to make your blood clot. The deficiency of vitamin K can result in easy bleeding. Some sources of food rich in vitamin K that you can easily include in your daily meals are kale, green cabbage, mustard leaves, and spinach.  3 

3. Quit smoking: 

When you smoke, your body’s immune system weakens. This makes it difficult for your body to combat plaque bacteria which leads to gum disease. Quitting smoking can aid in the healing of your gums and the cessation of bleeding.  3 

4. Using hydrogen peroxide for rinsing: 

Hydrogen peroxide helps eliminate dental plaque, stops bleeding gums, and also leads to healthy gums. You can rinse your mouth gently with hydrogen peroxide when your gums are bleeding. You must take caution not to swallow the solution.  3 

5. Using a cold compress: 

A cold compress when applied at the gum line can control swelling and restrict bleeding. It also helps control inflammation. You can apply an ice pack to your gums several times a day to reduce bleeding.  3 

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6. Drinking green tea: 

Having green tea daily can help relieve gum bleeding as it contains a natural antioxidant called catechin. Catechin can decrease the body’s inflammatory reaction to bacteria in the mouth.3 

7. Using saltwater for rinsing: 

Since gum diseases are caused mainly due to bacterial growth and inflammation in the mouth, rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater daily can help decrease bacteria in the gums and help you get relief from bleeding gums. Add salt to tepid water and rinse your mouth for a few seconds throughout the day at regular intervals to get respite from bleeding gums.

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When to Seek Medical Help? 

It is essential to visit your dentist if: 2 

  • Bleeding is severe or chronic (for a long time) 
  • Other unexplained symptoms are present along with the bleeding 
  • Even after treatment, your gums won’t stop bleeding 

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Gum bleeding can occur while brushing or even on its own. You will know if you have bleeding gums when you notice a pink tinge in the sink during brushing. This may be associated with swollen or painful gums. Gum bleeding could occur due to many reasons like bleeding disorders, brushing forcefully, improper flossing, hormonal changes during pregnancy, or some vitamin deficiencies.  The main reason for bleeding gums is plaque accumulation at the gum line. If proper oral hygiene is not maintained by regular brushing and flossing, there might be tartar formation. Tartar can only be removed by a dental professional.  Taking simple home care measures like maintaining good oral hygiene, quitting smoking, using a cold compress, taking vitamin supplements, and visiting your dentist regularly can help prevent gum bleeding and taking appropriate remedial measures in time.  

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Frequently asked questions: 

What are bleeding gums? 

The soft tissue lining the inner surface of the mouth is referred to as gingiva or gums. Gum bleeding can indicate anything from a minor problem like brushing too hard that can be easily corrected to something much more serious, like diabetes.4  

What are the diet changes that can be made to treat bleeding gums? 

Having a healthy diet comprising of various fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding eating too much processed foods and foods containing sugars, can help treat bleeding gums. 3 

Can bleeding gums cause bad breath? 

Gingivitis (inflamed gums) can result in red, swollen and bleeding gums. This can cause a bad breath. 4  

Is bleeding gums linked to diabetes (increased blood sugar levels)? 

Yes, you might present with symptoms like red, swollen or bleeding gums when you have diabetes. Due to high blood glucose levels, there is an increase in glucose in the saliva. When there is an increase in glucose, the bacterial count increases. When bacteria combine with food, there is formation of plaque. When this plaque hardens and develops near your gum line, it can result in gum disease. 6 

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