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9 Dumb Things You Do To Destroy Your Health

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  • Sitting for Long Hours – If you are really all about being health conscious, it doesn’t matter if you hit the gym or jog regularly; if the better part of your day is spent glued to the couch, you might be putting yourself at risks of cancer and other heart afflictions. This does not give you the liberty to skip exercises; all it means is that you should try and get yourself taking a break and moving around after every 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Brushing After a Meal – This is one parent advice you can certainly skip on. Brushing after your meals causes the enamel to erode faster, thus bringing forth other oral health complications as well.
  • Wearing Skinny Jeans – This might be the ‘in-thing’ now, especially among women. However, skinny jeans can wreck your nerves, causing over-sensitivity, numbness, stinging pain and even atrophied tissue of the leg in some cases.


  • Wearing a Tie – Though the classic black or the blue tie can never go wrong and fall out of fashion, trying to wear a tie and adjusting it increases intraocular pressure of the eyes, which is a major cause of glaucoma.


  • Sleeping By a Bedside Lamp – Sleeping by a bedside lamp has become a habit among many. While this may seem harmless, scientists have concluded that sleeping beside a source of light leads to a decrease in the production of melatonin (the hormone that assists sleep in human beings). A disturbed sleep cycle can mark the onset of many lifestyle disorders, a nightmare for all the health-conscious souls out there. Depression could also be the result of an unhealthy and impaired sleep cycle.
  • Excessive Usage of Electronic Gadgets – Very ironic is the fact that the things we use every-day to reduce complexities and make things easier are just the ones that cause austere health problems. Smartphones, for instance, have made life convenient; but on the other hand, have also increased stress levels. Smartphone users constantly check messages and emails, a habit that distracts them and takes their relaxation time away. Radiations emitted by such devices have also been linked to reducing sperm count in men.
  • Inefficient Exercising – Overdoing or under-doing physical exercises can cause more harm than you can imagine. A proper mix of anaerobic and aerobic exercises ensures the smooth functioning of your system. Regular exercise is healthy and essential; however strenuous exercising can lead to unwanted wear and tear of tissues. Intense physical exercises can result in shrinkage of a man’s genitals as well.


  • Procrastinating is More Dangerous Than You Think – The average Indian loves to procrastinate. “Why do it today when you can do it tomorrow?” is a common concern among us. On one hand, when we talk about being health conscious, we often fail to realize that lazing around slows down the rate at which the heart beats, thereby making you susceptible to heart attacks and strokes.
  • Wrong Methods of Ventilation – Most newly developed buildings have been designed to recirculate air, which is within the building rather than relying on open-air ventilation. However, the truth is that the re-circulated air comprises dust particles and toxic elements such as carbon monoxide, which are extremely harmful to your lungs and health.

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