What Are The Things You Can’t Do Even After Vaccination?

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After the 1st phase of COVID vaccination, the 2nd phase has started and already lakhs of people over the age of 60 as well as people over 45 years or above who have comorbidities have been vaccinated.

Covid vaccination

Soon, the next phase too will start where individuals above 18 – 44 years of age will be entitled to the vaccine. Vaccination is continuing uninterrupted and this has come as a breath of fresh air to everyone after a terrible year of pain, loss, grief and anxiety. In this context you may be asking, will I be able to return to the old norm after getting vaccinated? Can I stop taking the precautions of COVID-19? 

That is why we should discuss what you can or cannot do and the precautions after vaccination that you need to know of.

How safe will you be after getting the vaccine?

Even though most of the vaccines that are being administered across the globe have undergone multiple trials and have been found to be effective in the trial phases and found to be efficacious, there are further studies ongoing to determine the long term effectiveness of the antibodies produced within the body by the Covid-19 vaccine. But for now, we can all take heart in the fact that the vaccines will help us fight off the coronavirus.

According to research, if you’ve been properly vaccinated and are past the 14-day window after receiving your vaccine, you should be safe. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of spreading the virus to others.

Most youngsters who have received COVID-19 have done quite well. The viruses have also made some children quite unwell. That is why individuals and families should consider their options thoroughly before deciding to physically interact with others. Vaccinated persons are unlikely to infect others but the risk still exists. 

Can we do any of the following?

With that in mind, let us look at which of these activities will be permissible.

1. Can I visit my loved ones?

If all of you have been vaccinated then small gatherings can be permitted. However, you must continue taking all precautions like the use of face cover or masks, hand sanitization and maintain social distancing.


But if your loved ones haven’t been vaccinated, avoid visiting them for their own good. You will not come to any harm, but you could be a carrier of COVID and pass it on to your family members or friends.

2. Can I go to restaurants, movie theatres, gyms, cafes or pubs?

After vaccination, you will be safer in public places. Even so, you have to continue wearing masks, follow social distancing and avoid going to large-sized gatherings for two reasons:

  • You could be a carrier which could make non-vaccinated people sick.
  • Scientists are still researching the long term effect of the vaccine and if it is effective against other variants of coronavirus.

3. Will I finally be able to go on a vacation?

After vaccination, you can go on a small local vacation when you know that more or less everyone in that state is vaccinated. Local safe travels are possible. But planning an international holiday may be unwise because new COVID strains are originating and there is a possibility that our vaccines may not be effective against those. 

4. Can I travel by public transport?


Yes, you can travel by public transport if you are wearing your mask correctly, if there is proper airflow from ventilation systems, and minimal talking between passengers. The transmission chances appear to be low if you avoid touching surfaces and too much crowd. As a part of returning to normal, public transportation is likely safe with COVID-19 safety precautions in mind.

5. Can fully vaccinated people do away with masks?

People who are fully vaccinated must continue to wear masks when outdoors. There are people who haven’t got both doses of the vaccine yet and can potentially spread the infection. Thus, taking all necessary precautions to prevent COVID-19 is the best way to ensure complete safety.

6.  Do I need to get tested if I am exposed even if I am fully vaccinated? 

Yes, if you’ve been around someone who has COVID-19, you must get tested. People who are fully vaccinated should get tested three to five days after a potential exposure, even if they don’t have symptoms. COVID-19 vaccines are good at protecting people from getting seriously ill, but vaccinated people can still get infected with the delta variant and spread it to others.

What should you do after vaccination?

Here are a few precautions of COVID-19 that all responsible citizens should follow even after vaccination:

  • Continue to maintain social distancing and avoid crowded places.
  • Please wear a mask and sanitize your hands.
  • Encourage and help others to register for the vaccination.

It is impossible to say whether the ‘old norm’ will ever be back again. But did you know that wearing masks and sanitization can keep you safe from the coronavirus and its other variants as well. So let us all continue to maintain hygiene protocol.

other variants as well. So let us all continue to maintain hygiene protocol.


Side effects

Minor side effects may be possible after vaccination. Some side effects of vaccines are typical and expected after vaccination. Side effects indicate your body’s development of immunological defences.

 The following are some of the most common COVID-19 vaccination adverse effects:

● Pain, swelling, and redness on the arm where the vaccine was given

● Chills or a low-grade fever

● Tiredness


● Headaches

● Muscle discomfort or joint pain

These adverse effects usually subside within a few days.

Know your current health status with full body checkups.

Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.


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pingili venugopalreddy

I have taken the first dose Covaxin, can I take Tab.Montek?

Dr. Nikita Toshi

Hi Venugopalreddy,
You may continue to take your regular medicines post-vaccination. However ongoing medications and other associated conditions vary from person to person therefore, it is best to seek advice from the treating doctor regarding your medications and vaccination. Wishing you good health.

Naga raju

Can we eat non-veg after taking the COVID vaccine?

Dr. Nikita Toshi

Hi Raju,
There is no dietary restriction on consuming non-vegetarian food after vaccination as per the information available till date. Wishing you a healthy and happy life.


Good information

Ashir Sahal

Thank you, glad you liked it.