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Medicine It’s All In The Name

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Have you secretly had a doubt that your parents didn’t love you enough to put in some time and effort to come up with a less embarrassing name for you? Thank god that your fate wasn’t in the hands of the people who named these unfortunate medicines!


Hell yeah! Such a brilliant solution to manage life’s troubles that are depressing us! Lets Fukitol! Now medicines teach us how to sport a badass attitude and get through life’s troubles!


Umm, no. We aren’t talking about the disease.
Ayds was a product that claimed to reduce cravings.
For Food.
Hear us out please before you jump to conclusions. Why the name it Ayds? We would like to know too!


Got an extraterrestrial disorder? Here is a medicine that’s coming straight from the stars too! It may be in a spaceship, a flying elevator or sneaked in Doctor Who’s TARDIS. For ‘Xanax’ sounds just like a character from Star Wars and makes you feel privileged that you are being cured by something so celestial.


So Xylo Met Azoline medicine and then? Then she drove him so crazy that he went and stuffed her up to your nose! And hey, she just did such a wonderful job of digging all the gold for you! Nasal decongestants are such saviours, aren’t they?


Can’t decipher what’s so funny about poor little Flomax? Well, it’s just so apt! It is used to improve urination in men with prostate disorders. It max’s the flow alright!


“I’d-be-none?” Then who would you be? Or was that to say that we would be none after we have you? And why would we have you if we’d be none after you are done with us? Whoa. Whoa, wait. We think our brain will blank out because of you rather than the Alzheimer’s that you are supposed to cure! Also, just wondering- is this available or would there be none when we go check?

Jamaal Gota

Sounds like some Mata’s ghotala? Well, tread the waters with caution then! This herb claims to be beneficial in reducing hair loss and getting your bowel movements right. Erm, how is one herb beneficial for two such non-related ailments? We wouldn’t know, would we? Told you, there was some ghotala about this!

Have you come across any such weird names that left you dumbfounded or fighting back tears of laughter? Let us know in the comments!

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  • HAHAHA! I’ve been following all your blogs and the ones under this section are my favourite. They are so well written and so very funny!