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How To Read Your Reports For COVID-Related Tests?

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Given the current scenario, where several kinds of diagnostic tests are being conducted to check the status of a COVID positive person, these tests are not to be done in all. Your doctor shall advise you only if he/she feels the need for doing them. These tests are best interpreted by a doctor. However, here are some insights that can help you gather a better understanding of the test report:

How to Interpret These Tests?

Doctors usually recommend a series of tests apart from the ones mentioned above, to develop a complete picture of the level of infection and its spread throughout the body.

  • RT-PCR: This test is for diagnosis of COVIDHRCT Chest Scan: This test is a CT scan of the chest that determines the level of infection in the lungs. It is not to be done in all cases and should be done only if advised by your treating physician. It can give an idea of lung involvement in COVID. 


Prevention is better than cure, and prevention, in this case, begins at home. When experiencing any mild symptoms related to COVID-19, it is best to consult a primary physician who will usually recommend the aforementioned tests. With timely identification and diagnosis, it is indeed possible to beat the second wave of COVID-19.

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