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Amla-Aloe Vera Juice: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects By Dr. Siddharth Gupta

By Dr Siddharth Gupta +2 more


We all like to drink cola and soft drinks and are fully aware that they are not the healthiest beverages to consume! The demand is increasing worldwide due to their thirst-quenching potential and well-known taste. But do they give any health benefits? Mother nature is gifted with all kinds of medicinal plants and their herbal preparations have been used in Ayurveda to fight various diseases.1,2 So, what’s a better soft drink than a delicious blend of amla and aloe vera juice?  

amla aloevera juice benefits

Blending amla with aloe vera juice is an excellent way to deliver the health benefits of amla and aloe vera.1 Amla aloe vera juice is a nutritious drink that might be the perfect gift of health you can give yourself. So, fill your glass with amla aloe vera juice and raise a toast to your health journey.  

Did you know?

Nutritional Value of Amla aloe vera juice: 

The nutritional value of amla aloe vera juice is as follows: 

Nutrients  Aloe vera juice/100 g Amla juice/ 100 g 
Energy 15 kcal 44 kcal 
Sodium 8 mg 1 mg 
Calcium 8 mg 25 mg 
Sugar 3.8 mg – 
Carbohydrate 3.8 g 10 g 
Iron 0.2 mg 0.3 mg 
Fat  – 0.6 g 
Potassium – 198 mg 
Fibre – 4.3 g 

Table: Nutritional value of aloe vera and amla juice per 100 grams.3,4  

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Properties of Amla aloe vera juice: 

Amla and aloe vera are both rich sources of bioactive compounds.2  Hence, amla aloe vera juice may have the following properties that can have potential health benefits:  

  • It may increase urine production  
  • It may have digestive properties  
  • It may stimulate digestion and hunger  
  • It may have anti-inflammatory properties  
  • It may act as a laxative (may help relieve constipation)  
  • It may have antiulcer activity  
  • It may have a cholesterol-lowering effect  
  • It may have wound healing action  
  • It may have a blood sugar lowering effect  
  • It may act as an antioxidant  
  • It may have anti-diarrhoeal activity  
  • It may have anticancer activity  
  • It may act as an immunity booster.2  

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Amla and aloe vera are both rich in vitamin C. As we all know, vitamin C is essential for the biosynthesis of collagen which is important in wound healing. Therefore, a juice made from amla and aloe vera might be useful for wound healing.

Dr. Siddharth Gupta, B.A.M.S, M.D (Ayu)

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Potential Uses of Amla aloe vera juice: 

The idea of bending amla with aloe vera juice may help utilise the benefits of such acidic fruit. Thus, mixing two or more juices may be an excellent way to deliver the beneficial properties of aloe vera and amla.1 Some of the potential uses of amla aloe vera juice are described as follows: 

1. Potential Uses of Amla Aloe Vera for Stomach Ulcers  

Amla aloe vera juice may have antiulcer properties. A study (Gopinathan et al., 2014) found that when animals were orally given amla aloe vera juice, it healed their stomach ulcers.  Aloe vera juice in combination with amla fruit juice showed better performance in ulcer-healing and all parameters studied during this study. Gopinathan et al. suggested that this activity of amla aloe vera juice may be due to the abundance of phytonutrients such as flavonoids and tannins in amla and aloe vera. Hence, this suggests that amla aloe vera juice may decrease stomach damage and reduce ulcer wounds.5 

However, this study data is insufficient because it is conducted on animals, not humans. Therefore, large-scale human studies are required to suggest the potential benefits of amla aloe vera juice in humans. 

2. Potential Uses of Amla Aloe Vera for Digestion  

The benefits of drinking amla aloe vera juice may be related to digestion. When you drink aloe juice, it may aid in digestion. Aloe vera pulp is extensively used in the Siddha medicine system to combat constipation. Aloe vera may clear out toxins from the digestive tract facilitating digestion and enhancing kidney function. The anti-inflammatory properties of the fatty acids present in aloe vera might decrease the acidity of digestive juices and reduce indigestion problems. Taking one tablespoon of aloe vera gel with amla juice in the morning on an empty stomach might help digestion and elimination of food.6 Hence, you may drink amla aloe vera juice to solve your digestion related-problems. However, do not use it to self-medicate; consulting with your doctor is always wiser. 

3. Other Potential Uses of Amla Aloe Vera Juice:  

  • The amla aloe vera juice may help boost immunity and enhance the functions of vital organs like the heart and brain.6 
  • Amla aloe vera juice may reduce eye tension and strengthen your eyesight owing to their vitamin content.7 
  • Taking aloe vera and amla juice together with lemon juice and misri might help in dysentery.7 
  • The vitamin C-rich amla aloe vera juice might benefit from diabetes. Amla aloe vera juice with bitter gourd juice may stimulate activity of the pancreas gland and enable insulin production. This might help increase blood glucose absorption in the body.6,7 
  • Amla aloe vera juice, combined with honey and pepper, might be an effective way to overcome those stubborn hiccups and painful breathing.7 
  • Amla aloe vera juice may be used as a vermifuge to fight worm infection. You may take this juice with little honey to destroy worms in the gut.7 
  • Amla juice is rich in vitamin C. If you drink amla aloe vera juice, it can help to overcome vitamin C deficiency in the body.7 
  • If you take amla and aloe vera juice with warm milk may clear out an unpleasant throat. Adding a little bit of ghee to this juice might clear your cough.7 
  • Amla and aloe vera juice benefits might help against your greasy hair problems.7 

Though there are studies showing amla aloe vera juice benefits various health conditions, the findings are insufficient. Therefore, further research is required to suggest the true scope and health advantages of amla aloe vera juice for people.  

Amla and aloe vera both exhibit antioxidant properties. Antioxidant components are believed to reduce oxidative stress that causes cell damage. Therefore, amla aloe vera juice might be useful to reduce the side effects of cell damage.

Dr. Rajeev Singh, BAMS

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How to Use Amla Aloe Vera Juice? 

You may use amla aloe vera juice as follows: 

  • You can make a ready-to-serve drink by mixing amla aloe vera juice with sweet lime and ginger.1 
  • You can take amla aloe vera juice with honey, sugar and pipli (long pepper).7 
  • Amla aloe vera juice can be taken with bitter gourd juice. 
  • It can be mixed with lemon juice and misri (crystal sugar).7 

You should consult an Ayurvedic doctor before drinking amla aloe vera juice daily. In addition, we advise you not to replace or discontinue your ongoing medications with any ayurvedic or herbal preparations made from amala aloe vera without seeking the medical advice of a doctor. They will guide the best form and dosage per your health condition. 

Side Effects of Amla Aloe Vera Juice: 

There is no report suggesting that drinking amla aloe vera juice has side effects. Thus, further research is needed to determine the side effects of amla aloe vera juice on human health.  

However, amala and aloe vera may have side effects when considered individually.  

  • Amla fruit is acidic and astringent (bitter) in nature. This may negatively affect its palatability (acceptability) if eaten fresh.1 
  • Despite its varied uses, aloe vera may cause allergies. However, allergic reactions upon application and intake of aloe vera are rare.8 
  • A case study (Ferreira et al., 2007) reported that aloe vera might cause dermatitis (skin irritation). You may also experience erythema (redness), intense itching and peeling or flaking eyelids.8 

The Ayurvedic physician who recommended amla aloe vera juice to you should be immediately contacted if any side effects are experienced after having it. They will treat you appropriately. 

Precautions to Take with Amla Aloe Vera Juice: 

Drinking amla aloe vera juice in moderation might be safe. However, precautions must be followed. 

  • There is insufficient data available to consider the safe use of amla aloe vera juice for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Therefore, it is always better to seek advice from your doctor before having it. 
  • You need to be extra cautious while giving amla aloe vera juice to small children and the elderly because their immunity is weak and might develop allergies.  
  • You should never use any herb for self-medication, especially without seeking a doctor’s advice. 
  • Fresh amla juice may be acidic, so you must be careful as it may cause mouth or dental problems. Therefore, we advise you first dilute the juice and then have it. 

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Interaction with other Drugs: 

The combination of amla aloe juice and other drugs is not well understood. Therefore, the assumption that there is no interaction at all is unwise.  

Therefore, it is always best to follow an Ayurvedic doctor’s advice, who will suggest how to have this juice as a herb in an optimal way.  

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is amla aloe juice safe during pregnancy?

No major report suggests the safe use of amla aloe vera juice for pregnant women. Therefore, it is best to talk with your doctors and have it if recommended to you. 

What are the side effects of amla aloe vera juice? 

There is no scientific information about the side effects of amla aloe vera juice. However, if you have allergy to aloe vera, you may experience redness, itching and flaking of the eyelids.9 Allergies to aloe vera are rare; hence, before using amla aloe vera juice, please consult a qualified doctor. 

What are the benefits of amla aloe vera juice for the skin? 

Amla aloe vera juice may have cooling and soothing properties. According to Maharishi Ayurveda, aloe vera is recommended for several skin conditions. Aloe vera and amla juice benefits for skin might be related to the healing action of aloe for injured skin.6 

When is the best time to have amla aloe vera juice?  

The best time to drink amla and aloe vera juice may be on an empty stomach in the morning.6 

Which vitamin is abundant in amla juice?

Amla juice contains high concentrations of vitamin C.7 

How to use amla aloe vera juice for bad cough? 

Amla aloe vera juice might be an effective herbal cough remedy. You can add a teaspoon of amla aloe vera juice to a glass of warm milk and drink this thrice a day. It might help clear your throat and adding ghee to this decoction might also remove your cough.7 However, do not use it to self-medicate on your own. We recommend you consult your doctor and use it if they tell you. 


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Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational/awareness purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional and should not be relied upon to diagnose or treat any medical condition. The reader should consult a registered medical practitioner to determine the appropriateness of the information and before consuming any medication. PharmEasy does not provide any guarantee or warranty (express or implied) regarding the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of the information; and disclaims any liability arising thereof.

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