What Is Flurona And What Risks Are Associated With It?

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2022 comes with the hope of a better and healthier future for us all. India is on its way towards complete vaccination. Under-18 vaccination too has started. This means we are one step closer to defeating COVID-19. But that does not mean we should drop all precautions. New variants and even hybrid infections are on the rise. You need not worry as long as you are cautious. In this context, it is essential that we all learn a little more about Flurona, which has been making headlines all over the world. The start of 2022 has been marked with fresh news about the emergence of two new threats. We already know that a new wave brought on by the Omicron virus (first detected in South Africa) is right around the corner unless we are all very cautious. But it has emerged that there could be another threat looming in the distance. The new danger that has got scientists anxious is flurona. What is flurona and what is it capable of doing? Read on to find out.

The discovery of flurona

Flurona was found in the body of a pregnant woman in Israel when she was hospitalized to give birth. 

Flurona is not a strain of COVID-19. It is actually a term used for the illness caused by 2 infections at the same time in the same person- one being the seasonal Flu and the other being COVID-19. That means, her body was harbouring both the seasonal flu virus and the coronavirus at the same time. It is a case of double infection. 

She tested positive for both the Flu and COVID and the diagnostic tests were carried out more than once for confirmation. Her symptoms were mild. The woman had not been vaccinated for COVID-19. Because her symptoms are mild, she will be discharged soon as per news reports. 

The infection thus caused is also a viral infection and contagious. Scientists believe this happened because this is the Flu season and the human body is capable of sustaining both kinds of viruses at the same time. 

What is the flurona infection like?

The symptoms of flurona are the same as the Flu or COVID-19 because it is also an upper respiratory tract infection. It triggers fever, sore throat, body ache, fatigue and breathing difficulty.

Will flurona be more dangerous than the strains of COVID-19?

This is too early to state anything about the severity of this dual infection. With more information and studies, we are likely to receive a clearer picture of the spread and threats associated with flurona.

What should be done now?

COVID appropriate behaviour can save us from exposure to both infections. Do not forget these points- 

  • Wear your mask properly
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Follow respiratory etiquettes and hand hygiene
  • Do not take any signs of illness- cold, cough, sneezing, fever, weakness lightly
  • Consult a doctor and do not self medicate
  • Self isolate immediately if sick
  • Avoid any unnecessary travel plans
  • Eat healthy and stay fit
  • Get yourself vaccinated 


In the upcoming days, we cannot let caution and care slide. Omicron is already here and delta has not gone yet. Life must indeed go on, but we must adopt every precaution possible. Masks, sanitisers, social distancing and following government circulars on safety should once again be part of our lives. A lit bit of caution never hurts anyone. It can in fact save lives. The safety of each and everyone is our collective responsibility at this time. Let’s do our bit to reduce the transmission of Covid infection.

Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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