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Tips To Help In Weight Loss

Tips To Help In Weight Loss
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We are always worried about our weight; while few of us want to shed few pounds there will be others who are concentrating on gaining weight. Both are equally challenging and in this post, we are trying to find a solution for the losing weight problem. We have often seen that even though we are working out, we seem to have few extra pounds in the wrong places. That’s because we miss considering those little snacks, cookies and cakes we keep having every now and then. Weight management is a mix of diet and working out and when the goal is to lose weight, being a disciplinarian is important. So, here’re few tips on how to lose weight.

1. Drinking is good

Drinking water is one of the first rules in weight loss programs. You need to drink at least 3 litres of water every day. If accounting the intake becomes a job for you, hire an app that can help you out. There are various water intake apps available for users to manage water intake better.

2. Morning and Night Rule

Drink warm lime water in the morning. You can also drink apple cider vinegar instead of lime water. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to warm water and drink. This intake increases your metabolism. Repeat this before going to bed at the night.

3. Never skip breakfast

There’s a saying that you should always have breakfast like a king. It is the most important meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast sets the tone for the day by managing blood glucose levels in the body and metabolism. You can take cereals, egg and milk for your breakfast.

4. Burn more calories than you consume

As your goal is to lose weight in 10 days, you should aim at cutting down 500 calories through diet management and 500 calories through exercise every day. According to nutritionists, women should intake 1200 calories and men should intake 1800 a day.

5. Work out for at least 1 hour

Start with 30 minutes and gradually try to follow a 1-hour workout program. The least you can try doing is running up and down the stairs. You can add squats, lunges and crunches to your workout schedule. Yoga is also one of the best forms of physical activity for weight loss and management.

6. Cut down on your tea/coffee intake

You can replace your milk tea and coffee with green tea. Two cups of green tea would not just help in your metabolism but also make you feel fresh. If not, avoid more than two cups of tea or coffee in a day.

7. Sleep is important

Make a habit of sleeping for at least eight hours a day. There are various ways you can train your mind to sleep in few minutes. With this practice, you can sleep on time and give your body the adequate amount that is necessary.

Besides these, there are some small changes that you can bring to your lifestyle and boost your weight loss plan. For example, ditch the lift/elevator and take the stairs, avoid colas and packaged drinks, do not sleep immediately after food, go for a short walk after a heavy meal, choose steamed and baked food over fried etc.

While you follow all of the above, understand the rule to not starve your body. You should have smaller meals at regular intervals. Also, snacking can be healthy; just add some healthy snacks to your routine. Besides, when your body craves some sweet or junk, it is okay to surrender to that craving once in a while but make sure to restrict the portion size.

Last but not the least, healthy weight loss is a slow process but incorporating some small lifestyle changes can definitely help you shed those extra pounds in 10 days.

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