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Smoking vs. Chewing Tobacco

Smoking vs chewing tobacco
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Smoking is a severe risk to our health and can have many negative impacts on our overall fitness and well-being. While smoking is not the actual addictive that makes people its slave, it’s, in fact, the nicotine that causes the release of dopamine in the brain and ensures neurotransmission that gives the smoker a ‘high.’

And things only get worse with regular consumption.  Gradually, smokers need to take more and more nicotine to achieve this same high. Therefore, when a smoker tries to kick this habit, he/she starts to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Thus to quit smoking, many smokers resort to getting their regular dose of nicotine with the help of many smoke-cessation products such as nicotine gum and nicotine patches. These products give the body a daily dose of nicotine and are devoid of smoke. Another resort that many smokers take is that they start to chew tobacco, which is also laden with nicotine and doesn’t need any inhalation as such.

Types of Chewing Tobacco

Tobacco chewing happens across various forms:

  • Chew
  • Snuff
  • Pinch
  • Smokeless tobacco

Is Tobacco chewing safe?

Chewing tobacco is an extensive spread practice. But sadly this technique is often perceived as a ‘healthier alternative’ to smoking. But on the contrary, it is in fact doomed to failure.

Smoking vs. Chewing tobacco

Both smoking and chewing of tobacco can cause significant havoc on the health front. Many studies suggest that chewing tobacco has a lower risk on the heart as compared to smoking. However, studies also show that chewing tobacco causes a sudden rise in blood pressure and heart rate.

Many chain smokers also carry the misconception that chewing tobacco results in lower consumption of nicotine. However, that’s a fallacy, both smoking and chewing tobacco results in the same consumption of nicotine. For example, if you hold an averagely sized plug in your mouth for 30 minutes, it’s the same as smoking down four cigarettes.

Chewing tobacco regularly also exposes a person to the dreaded Oral cancer, not to forget, the development of oral lesions, a black hairy tongue, and bad breath. These people also carry a high chance of contracting Leukoplakia.

To elevate the problem further, tobacco chewers need to spit. This is also adding to the problem because by doing so, you land up spreading the germs to the people around you.

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