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LivEasy Foods Seed Mix: Munch Your Way To Good Health!

LivEasy Foods Seed Mix: Munch Your Way To Good Health! - PharmEasy
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A nutritional gap can take a heavy toll on your health! Your body derives strength and the ability to function from the nutrition you take in with your food. But it is not always possible to be mindful of the foods we consume and ensure that we are getting all the right nutrients.

What happens when you don’t get the proper nutrition? The first visible changes would be luster-less skin, dull hair and brittle nails. You will frequently contract common cold and experience constipation. Your teeth may come loose and you will possibly feel pain and ache in your bones, joints and muscles. It doesn’t end there. The wrong kind of diet can trigger dangerous health conditions such as heart, kidney, liver disorders too!

But don’t panic. There is an easy fix for this! Try LivEasy Foods Seed Mix. It has incorporated the nutritional benefits of 6 nutrition-dense, organic and fibre-rich seeds that can do wonders for your health. 

1. Sunflower seeds for speedy immunity response

Sunflower seeds contain certain very specific nutrients that help in bolstering your immunity. Consuming these seeds gives your body a healthy dose of vitamin E, vitamin B6 and minerals like copper, selenium, manganese, zinc and iron. They can help make you immune to the common cold, viral infections, flu, allergies, etc. A strong immunity also reduces the risk of more serious illnesses like heart, kidney or liver disorders.

2. Watermelon seeds for heart health

You have to pay extra attention to your heart. This organ is toiling away effortlessly all the time and our current lifestyles are not conducive to heart health. To help prevent damage to your heart, consume LivEasy Foods Seed Mix because it contains watermelon seeds which are your heart’s best friend. Watermelon seeds contain Vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, sodium zinc and healthy fats. They help lower bad cholesterol levels, prevent the accumulation of plaque along the blood vessels and keep blood pressure level stable. 

3. Flax seeds for brain and eye health

Flax seeds are loaded with good fats. Did you know that your brain is mostly composed of fats and requires a healthy dose of healthy fats to keep functioning? Your eyes and optic nerve too need these fats. Flax seeds too are good for your heart and blood pressure. They can even bring relief from constipation as they are rich in fibre.

4. Pumpkin seeds for cellular health

Since cells are the building blocks of your body, keeping them healthy means taking care of your health as a whole. Pumpkin seeds are extensive reservoirs of antioxidants that neutralize free molecules and prevent oxidative cell damage.  Antioxidants boost immunity and keep all your organs working at their peak!

5. Chia seeds for a trim body

Munch on LivEasy Foods Seed Mix if you want to lose weight. This mix contains chia seeds that contain a lot of fibre and protein. These ingredients stay in your body for a long time and keep you feeling full. So this discourages you from bingeing on unhealthy snacks. Chia seeds have an added advantage of improving your bone and teeth help because they also contain calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. 

6. Sesame seeds for all-round good health

There’s no health benefit you can’t associate with sesame seeds. They can help improve heart health, boost immunity, regulate thyroid hormone production, enhance bone and teeth health. Sesame seeds are also good for your blood. They can help create more Red Blood Cells because they contain Vitamins B1, B3, B6, and minerals like zinc and iron. 

Seeds are always recommended by dieticians to improve health. And with LivEasy Foods Seed Mix you get 6 super-healthy seeds in just one pack. So next time you feel hungry, just reach for LivEasy Foods Seed Mix! 

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