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Best Home Remedies For Hangover

By Dr Anuja Bodhare +2 more


Partied too hard and not feeling like you can drag yourself out of bed? We have all heard of that hungover friend or experienced hangovers after a night of drinking too much. Drinking too much the night before can make you feel haggard when you wake up. 

how to get rid of a hangover fast at home

A hangover is that unpleasant feeling you wake up with after drinking excessive alcohol. It begins several hours after you stop drinking. The symptoms vary from person to person and depend on the type and amount of alcohol you had. A hangover usually gets better on its own within a day.1 It is important to note that there is no quick cure to manage hangovers; the body requires plenty of time to get rid itself of the hangover.2 

Did you know?

If you feel hungover, you can try simple home remedies mentioned below to get some relief from the

What Causes Hangover? 

Drinking heavily is the primary cause of hangovers, but several factors can contribute to how bad the symptoms are. 


Alcohol makes you urinate frequently, leading to the loss of fluids. Headache, thirst and fatigue are common symptoms that occur as a result of dehydration.2 

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Sleep Disturbance 

The sleep you get after drinking heavily is fragmented and short. As a result, people often wake up tired and exhausted and face a loss of productivity.2 


Binge drinking within a short period causes a hangover, Potency of alcohol metabolizing enzymes varies between different sexes, ethnicities and different age groups. Slow drinking and hydrating oneself frequently might prevent dehydration in some people. If the person is alcohol dependent then he should visit his physcian so that the alcohol use disorder can be managed via proper rehabilitation through medicines and behavioural therapy.

Dr. Nikhil Yadav, MBBS MD, CCEBDM

Heavy drinking can cause inflammation making you feel uncomfortable when you are hungover and sick.2 


The brains of people who drink quickly adjust to the calm and euphoric effects of alcohol. When the alcohol wears off, you tend to feel more restless and anxious.2 

Digestive Tract Irritation 

Alcohol irritates the lining of the stomach, triggering the production of acids. Excessive acid in the stomach gives the feeling of nausea and discomfort.2 

Exposure to Acetaldehyde 

When the alcohol in the body gets metabolised by the liver, it is converted to a chemical called acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is a toxic compound, which causes inflammation in organs such as the brain, liver, pancreas and digestive tract.2  

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Symptoms of Hangover: 

The major symptoms associated with a hangover are: 

  • Vomiting, pain in the stomach and nausea  
  • Sleep disturbance  
  • Weakness and fatigue  
  • Muscle pain  
  • Thirst  
  • Sweating  
  • Tremors  
  • Anxiety, depression and irritability  
  • Dizziness  
  • Vertigo (loss of balance)  
  • High pulse rate, increased blood pressure
  • Sensitivity to sound and light  
  • Red eyes and headache1  

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Suggested Home Remedies for Hangover: 

There is no magical cure to get rid of hangovers; give your body enough time to recover from the toxic effects of alcohol.2 Meanwhile, you can try these home remedies to manage the symptoms and aid in your recovery. 

1. Drink Fluids  

Drinking alcohol promotes urination in people, leading to the loss of fluids from the body. If you also experience sweating, diarrhoea and vomiting, your body might become dehydrated. To recover from the loss of fluids, try drinking plenty of water when you wake up.3 

2. Eat Carbohydrates  

Drinking alcohol can lower blood sugar levels, which results in fatigue and headache. People often forget to eat something while on the drinking binge. This causes a further decrease in blood sugar levels. Getting some carbohydrates in your system can help with the symptoms of a hangover. You can try bland foods with carbohydrates, for example, toast and crackers. It will help to minimise nausea and enhance blood sugar levels.1,3 

3. Drinking Tea or Coffee  

The caffeine present in coffee and tea acts as a stimulant. It can help with the grogginess that accompanies hangovers.3 Brew your favourite tea or coffee when you wake up. This way, you can sip on some tea or coffee to relieve the feeling like you just came back from war.  

4. Get Rest  

You need to get plenty of rest to recover from the hangover. The effects of alcohol can interfere with your ability to perform tasks even if you feel good the next morning. Try getting as much sleep as possible to counteract fatigue.1,4 

5. Ginseng  

Ginseng can help you to remove alcohol faster from the body as it enhances alcohol metabolism. That’s how it is beneficial in relieving hangover symptoms. Ginseng might also be effective in alcohol toxicity and acts as an anti-hangover agent.5 There are several ways to use ginseng. For example, you can boil some fresh ginseng with water to make a tea to sip on. You can also add ginseng to your foods and dishes.  

6. Ginger  

Ginger is a natural anti-oxidant making it a natural remedy to get rid of the toxicity of alcohol. Ginger might also effectively relieve hangover symptoms such as diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting and reduce the discomfort associated with a hangover.5 You can sip on some fresh ginger tea to help with hangover symptoms. 

7. Be Patient  

You need at least 24 hours to get rid of all the symptoms of a hangover. Your body needs time to clear out all the toxic by-products of alcohol present in the system, get plenty of hydration, heal the liver and restore the activities and functions of the body to normal.1  

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Other Home Remedies 

  • You can drink sports drinks; these drinks are rich in electrolytes. It will help in making up for the loss of salts and potassium because of drinking alcohol.4 
  • Fruit juices and honey have also been recommended to get rid of hangovers.4 

Remedies to Avoid 

  • You should avoid any medicine that contains acetaminophen. Acetaminophen, when combined with alcohol, can cause damage to the liver.4  
  • Its often thought that drinking some more alcohol can help you overcome a hangover. Avoid drinking alcohol to get rid of hangovers. It will not relieve the symptoms, instead contribute to more alcohol toxicity.1  

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When to Seek Medical Help? 

Hangovers leave on their own even if you do not do anything. Your body will start to feel better with time. You should consult with your healthcare provider, if you experience signs of alcohol abuse: 

  • You are drinking heavily frequently 
  • Experience severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms 
  • Drinking and hangovers affect the quality of life, relationships and work.1 

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Hangovers can be bothersome and sometimes, painful too. There are many home remedies claiming to magically cure hangovers. Still, the best course of action for you is to be patient and rest, allowing your body to get rid of all the toxic by-products from its system. Drinking plenty of water and eating food rich in carbohydrates are some basic ways that help to aid recovery. Hangovers typically do not require any medical intervention. However, if you notice signs of an alcohol use disorder, heavy drinking within a short period, severe withdrawal symptoms or frequent hangovers that affect your quality of life, you need to consult your healthcare provider immediately.  

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are the home remedies for managing hangovers?  

The best thing you can do is get rest and hydrate your body. You can also try eating some crackers and toast to raise blood sugar levels. Drinking a caffeinated drink, for example, tea or coffee, can help you fight off the grogginess of hangovers. You can use ginger and ginseng to help improve your symptoms.1,3–5 

Can I take medicine after drinking alcohol to avoid a hangover?  

You need to exercise caution when using medicine before or after consuming alcohol. Taking any medicine that contains acetaminophen while there is alcohol in your system can cause liver toxicity. Pain relievers like ibuprofen can irritate the stomach lining.2 It is best to avoid any medicine straight after consuming alcohol. 

Is it safe to have a drink to cure hangovers?  

Having yet another drink to cure hangovers should be avoided. This practice is known as the hair of the dog, which means taking the hair of the dog that bit you. Drinking alcohol to cure hangovers will only increase alcohol toxicity in the body.1,3 

How much time does it take to cure a hangover?  

Hangover symptoms usually subside after a day (24 hours) on their own. The symptoms improve as soon as the alcohol leaves your system.1 

How can I prevent a hangover?  

There is a way to enjoy drinking without worrying about the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover. You can avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. You can drink moderate quantities to prevent hangovers. You can also keep sipping on water in between your drinks to help you reduce the consumption of alcohol and keep yourself hydrated. Drink slowly and choose light-coloured alcoholic beverages. Light-coloured beverages such as light beer, vodka, white wine and gin result in less severe hangover symptoms.1 

What is alcohol poisoning?  

Alcohol poisoning is a severe side effect of heavy drinking. Alcohol poisoning can be life-threatening. If you notice signs in anyone who has been drinking, contact your nearest healthcare provider immediately. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning include seizures, vomiting, confusion, unconsciousness, slow or irregular breathing, pale skin and low body temperature.6 


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Disclaimer:  The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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