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10 Unknown Causes of Heart Diseases!

Heart Disease
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Heart disease is the leading cause of death all over the world. Without realizing it, there are many habits that we have that could be damaging your heart and making you vulnerable to cardiac problems. If you care to live a long and healthy life, take a look at our list of ways in which you could be hurting your heart.

  1. Loud Music

The noise from your loud music makes the body release cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenalin- all of which are stress hormones.  If your job involves loud noises, protect your ears and heart by wearing earplugs and earmuffs.

  1. Dental Problems

Research has linked dental problems and heart attacks. Visit your dentist regularly to keep dental problems at bay.

  1. Irregular Work Schedules

Working in shifts? It might not be good for your heart. Having irregular hours at work disturbs the body’s circadian rhythms and makes you vulnerable to heart problems. If you cannot avoid job shifts, ensure you take care of yourself by eating regularly, exercising and getting timely medical checkups done.

  1. Polluted Air

Regular exposure to air pollution leads to plaque buildup in the arteries. Keep your work and home environment clean by using air purifiers and potting plants that help clean the air.

  1. Not Sleeping Enough

Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to heart disease. Less sleep leads to an increase in stress hormones and increasing your blood pressure and heart rate. Your body needs a minimum of six to seven hours of sleep daily.

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  1. Exercise

If you are not exercising at all or doing too much of it, either ways you are putting your heart at risk. Lifting very heavy weights could spike your blood pressure to a degree that it could lead to an aortic dissection. Ensure you lift weights under professional guidance.

  1. Sedentary Jobs

If you are sitting at your desk full day, you are inviting heart problems. Prolonged sitting leads to a decrease in insulin sensitivity and in enzymes that help metabolize fat. Walk around or do stretching exercises for five minutes for every hour that you sit.

  1. Over the Counter Medicines

Many energy-boosting or performance-enhancing drugs are harmful to your heart. Quite a few contain banned substances like hormones or steroids and even though banned in other parts of the world, maybe easily available in your country.

  1. Not Eating Enough Omega-3 Fatty Acids

If you are not a regular fish-eater, chances are your body does not have sufficient amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for good heart health. Snack on nuts- almonds and walnuts to increase your omega-3 intake.

  1. Ignoring Warnings

Some symptoms of heart problems are innocuous. A silent heart attack could have symptoms of jaw pain, lightheartedness or tummy pain. If you have a family history of heart problems or are in the high-risk category, do not ignore these signs.

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