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Drinking Water Before Bed – Is It A Good Idea?

Drinking Water Before Bed - Is It A Good Idea? - PharmEasy
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Many people like to drink a glass of water before they go to bed at night. Are you one of them?

 If yes, you would be glad to know there are many benefits of drinking water before you sleep. Read on to know more.

You need hydration before going to bed

Experts will tell you that you have to fully hydrate yourself before you turn in for the night. The reason is simple. You will be asleep for 6-8 hours and you will probably not be waking up in between to grab a glass of water. So, that means your body is not being hydrated for the entire duration of your sleep.

But why do you need to be well hydrated during sleep? Because your body loses fluids when you sleep. You continue to burn calories in your sleep- a process that uses up water. You breathe and sweat (if it is warm) while you are asleep- both which keep reducing your water reserves. And if you have a fever or are a diabetic, your body loses more water than usual at night.

That is why you are under the risk of getting dehydrated while asleep. And how can you prevent that? Simply by drinking water before going to bed.

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What are the other benefits of drinking water before bed?

Preventing dehydration is not the only benefit of drinking water before you sleep. There are other benefits too –

 1. It keeps you happy

Experiments have shown that people who are well hydrated during the night tend to be more calm and energetic in the morning than people who avoid drinking water before bed.

 2. It helps your body cleanse itself

Hydrating before sleeping at night will improve your blood circulation. That means, your body will perform cleansing at a cellular level. It will provide nutrition to the cells and remove toxins from the cells to refresh the body from within.

Evidence shows that drinking water before bed will also help ease stomach cramps or pain. And if you also add a dash of lemon to it, it will miraculously cure your cough and cold.

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What do you need to remember?

Drinking water before you sleep is advantageous but there is a catch! Drinking water immediately before you go to bed is not recommended. Instead, you should drink water at least two hours before you go to bed.

This is because drinking water right before bed puts you at the risk of nocturia. Nocturia is a disorder that is characterized by an increase in the urge to urinate at night.

If you have to wake up multiple times to urinate, it will disrupt your sleep. And what happens when your sleep is interrupted? Interrupted sleep for long periods can result in heart problems, diabetes, obesity and depression. 


While drinking water before you sleep is very good for your health but to reap the maximum benefits, you have to time it correctly. Your goal should be to drink water at least 1.5 hrs before you sleep. This way your body will benefit the most from this practice. 

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