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Know How A Cataract Surgery Is Performed!

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The clouding of the eye lens is known as a cataract, and this condition leads to blurred or impaired vision. The cataract is slow to develop and will affect both eyes in most cases. The only way to get rid of the cataract is to go for cataract surgery. In India, it is said that three out of four Indians aged 60+ suffer from this eye condition.

According to the World Health Organization, Cataract surgery is the surgical removal of the clouding of the lens in the eyes which impedes the passage of light. Most cataract cases are old-age related, however, at times, some children are also born with this eye condition. In some cases, people may develop a cataract after an eye injury, some eye disease or inflammation.

Unlike earlier days, cataract surgery is a common phenomenon and not dangerous.

What exactly is cataract surgery? Let us see!

When the light rays pass through the eye lens, it forms an image on the retina, and the impulses are then carried to the brain where the signals are processed. Over the years, the lens of the eyes may start clouding, and this poses as an obstruction that prevents the rays of light from entering the eyes. This causes the vision to become blurred, dimmed and even blotted.

What is the process of cataract surgery?

Unbeknownst to many, the cataract surgery is one of the easiest, efficient and the safest eye surgery possible. In the cataract surgery, the process involves the breaking of the original lens, removing it and replacing it with an artificial one.

There are three methods to solve the cataract problem:

  1. ECCE or the Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction
  2. Phaco or Phacoemulsification
  3. SICS or the small incision cataract surgery

Don’t be daunted with the medical jargon as simply put they explain the different ways of breaking down the lens in the eyes. This can be done via ultrasound method or by using laser beams. The Phaco technique is by far the most used technique in cataract surgery. However, it is now being replaced by the laser beams technique as it has more accuracy.

To understand the process of cataract surgery in detail, consult your doctor today.

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