6 Ways Nature Benefits Mental Health!

6 Ways Nature Benefits Mental Health- plant
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Fresh air is great for your health! This is an age-old adage that finds relevance even in today’s stressful times. Simple activities like walking, jogging, hiking not only make us physically active but also boost our mental well-being.

Some common benefits that could boost our morale and create that urge to step outdoors are:

Vitamin D Boost

The sun basks its beautiful glory on us each day, still, it’s a big surprise to see that most amongst us are Vitamin D deficient. Just spend 15 minutes outdoor in the early morning sun and you should be able to up your Vitamin D levels without having to pop up Vitamin D supplements unnecessarily. What more! One outing amidst nature boosts your creativity and opens up your mind.  

Break that Urban stimuli

Research shows that urban inhabitants suffer from cognitive fatigue. Finding greener pastures or stepping into a park nearby or even having office spaces with views of trees and nature helps the mind break out from the urban stimuli and has proved to reduce stress levels significantly.

Nature shows its wonders on both- the young and the old. While it improves the attention span and concentration in the kids, it helps in coping with  stress and mental disorders like Alzheimer’s or Dementia in the elderly citizens.

Fresh and Innovative Ideas

Have you observed that you get some of your best ideas by the beach watching the waves or when you spend time by a serene lake? That is why many writers prefer the solace of nature when they are penning down their most perfect masterpieces. Spending time by nature break the mad-rush of the human-made stimuli and the mind is freed up to think creatively and gets a chance to focus better on the task at hand. So next time you are seeking that most crucial breakthrough on a work-related problem, ask your boss for a quick break and brainstorm on the possible solution amidst a walk in the woods. Try an hour of meditation in the lap of nature. Who can deny the benefits of meditation, it works wonderfully.

Boosts Energy levels

Breathing in fresh air improves our circulatory and respiratory system. This oxygen boost also helps to up our energy levels, makes us more alert and sharpens our concentration and focus. Just like good food habits uplift your mood, breathing in fresh air works amazingly for your overall mental and physical body.


Spending time in nature helps us to heal both physically and emotionally. Many studies have shown that the position of the patient’s bed impacts his/her rate of recovery post-surgery. It is observed that patients whose beds have a view of nature versus those who face the ward or a wall recover faster.

Element of Fun

Engaging, relaxing and inspiring – spending time in the outdoors is so much fun! A tête-à-tête with nature brings out the child in us, rushes the flow of endorphins (feel-good hormones) to the brain, boosts our self-belief and heals our negative doubts.

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So are you reading to take your best foot forward towards Mother Nature!

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