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10 Unbelievable Benefits Of Gardening

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Planting vegetables and flowers is altogether a different level of happiness and satisfaction. For some people, gardening is much more than a hobby. It is not about just decorating your home but it also helps stabilize your mood and health.

Nature and human beings are linked together. Nature has an impact on our health. The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has taught us how to enjoy nature. Many people turned towards gardening in this lockdown. It is always good to spend some time daily with nature. It gives you immense satisfaction and peace. In response to your peaceful mind, your physical health will improve. Gardens and landscapes have long been used as sanctuaries to escape from the stresses of life.

Benefits of gardening 

1: Gardening boosts mood:

Have you ever tried gardening and felt happy? Most of the people felt the same happiness. When you make time to go and work in your garden, your anxiety levels may decrease and you might start feeling less depressed. Gardening is also a form of exercise that can be good for you as it helps to release endorphins, the hormone that helps to make people feel satisfied and relaxed. Also, direct contact with sunlight can boost your mood.

2: Improve the quality of life:

Let’s make our life simple. Yes, simple things make your life much more beautiful than you think and gardening is one of them. A garden is the best place to notice the little things that are so important.

3: May lower the stress level:

Gardening is a stress buster that can help to lower your stress. It can help you recuperate and bounce back after a stressful event. Study results suggest the level of cortisol (stress hormone) may reduce through gardening.

4: Help to encouraging mindfulness: 

Mindfulness helps to stabilize our mental state and helps to focus on the present moment. To achieve this mindfulness, many people try meditation and yoga. However, gardening is one of the best forms of meditation that will keep you happy. 

One benefit of gardening is to dedicate your full attention to the task at hand. It makes you get lost in what you are doing and spend hours out in your garden, making sure everything is healthy. 

5: May enhance the immune system

You are like your plants; you both need sunlight. Your plants use sunlight to make their food through the process of photosynthesis. Your skin works in the same way by absorbing vitamin D while gardening. Vitamin D can help your body to absorb calcium. It helps to keep your bones strong and your immune system healthy. 

6: Help to burn calories:

Gardening is a form of exercise and this is especially true if you have a large garden. Simple gardening for an hour daily can help to burn up to 330 calories. Gardening can be an ideal workout for someone who prefers low-intensity exercise.

The National Institute of Health recommends 30-45 minutes of gardening three to five times per week.

7: May strengthen your bones:

As you age, your bones will get weak and brittle. Your body levels of vitamin D and calcium start to drop. This is when your body requires more calcium and vitamin D. Regularly gardening can help to receive the maximum amount of vitamin D that keeps your bones healthy.

8: Helps to control blood sugar level: 

Gardening is a good exercise for diabetic patients as it helps to manage blood sugar levels. Studies show that exercise and diet can dramatically reduce the development of type 2 diabetes in those at risk for the disease.

9: Helps to lower the blood pressure:

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a common disorder that affects many people. Gardening may help you to manage blood pressure. The more time you spend with your plants, you will feel more relaxed and it might help reduce the arteria stress. Gardening also acts as a low-intensity workout that helps to reduce cholesterol levels and keep your heart healthy.

10: Help with addiction therapy: 

Many addiction therapy centres are there in greenery. Why so? Plants can provoke positive emotions and feelings in people and that makes plants beneficial. Horticulture therapy is a popular therapy. The aim behind it is to achieve an established rehabilitation environment for addicted people.

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