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Make This Holi COVID-Proof!

Make This Holi COVID - Proof!
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We have already been missing out on so much due to the pandemic! Events across the world have been canceled, gatherings are best avoided and social distancing is the new thing. As the vaccination process began, people seem to have allowed themselves to become careless and ditch the mask once in a while. Owing to that, COVID cases are escalating and the surge continues. With all of these, how happy can this Holi be?

Holi involves gatherings, smearing each other with colours and hugs that come with the corona scare this year. While you don’t necessarily have to miss out on all the fun, you must ensure your safety first. COVID is an airborne infection that mainly spreads from person-to-person through direct as well as indirect contact, quite possibly through coughs or sneezes. It is further possible that a person can get affected by touching an infected surface or object which is why social distancing and good hygiene are the key.

How COVID can spread during Holi

Well, if you are ready to let someone put colours on you, you probably want to rethink that. Are you also sure about the sweets you are picking up from that plate? Holi is a festival that brings you in close proximity to a lot of people and there are enough reasons to panic in a situation like that. Interacting with a large crowd and touching several people has the potential to infect you with the viral disease. You may not be aware that the person right in front of you has a sore throat or high temperature. So, this Holi, let’s choose to be responsible and not vulnerable.

Safety Measures

  • Avoid playing Holi with anyone who is displaying signs of cold or has a fever. 
  • Keep the celebrations in moderation and preferably have only family members or friends around. It is best to wear a mask for as long as possible. 
  • Avoid applying or getting applied colours especially close to your eyes, mouth and nose. 
  • Not only that, stay away from touching your face often and with unclean hands. 
  • Dismiss any plan of a pool party. 
  • Choose an open ground and not an enclosed room. 
  • Wash your face & hands thoroughly, sanitize your hands frequently, before, after and in between. 
  • Before heading out, drink plenty of water. There is a massive chance of getting dehydrated and that is something you would want to avoid. It would be a bad idea to drink water from a bottle that others have been using.
  • Keep all the food items away from the playing area, make sure everything is hygienic. 
  • Keep tissues handy and dispose of them into closed bins after use especially after using them to wipe your eyes or nose. 
  • Stay home in case you feel unwell. Remember that the hugs and handshakes can wait.

While we are on the verge of winning this battle against COVID, it is now, more than ever, important that we remain careful and do not get overwhelmed just yet. The vaccines are here and it is only a matter of time. The future looks promising, let us continue to follow the COVID norms and regulations to keep ourselves protected.

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