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A Complete Guide On To Work Towards A Great Physique

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“Fitness and diet go hand in hand. There is no single fitness mantra that you can follow for a building your body and for maintaining a good physique.”

Be rest assured that if your diet is good, half of your mission is already accomplished. The second half would encompass rigorous workouts and exercises every day, says Freak Fighter Pro wrestler, Prince Aadvanshi

Also known as the King of Aggression, Prince Aadvanshi together with two others is the brainchild behind the Indian version of WWE fighting league. An obvious fitness enthusiast and a gym instructor, he helps people from diverse backgrounds to get into shape, build their bodies and maintain a healthy physique. For him, fitness starts with a right attitude and meticulous training.

In order to start building your body, you must first have a thorough understanding of your body type and what end result you require. While some may be interested in losing weight, others may want to build muscles and bulk up. Your fitness regime would depend on the end result. If you are an amateur with little or no experience in bodybuilding, it is best to take the guidance of an expert trainer to ensure that the efforts you put in take shape right from the beginning.

Working Towards a Great Physique

The secret behind a great physique is hours of rigorous workouts coupled with a nutrition loaded and protein-rich diet. Depending on your body plan, you can take the guidance of a nutrition expert about the various supplements you would need to fulfill your nutritional requirements for building body mass.

Before you start the bodybuilding regime, sit with your instructor and chart out a proper diet plan and workout exercise regime to suit your body type and fitness need. It is important that you follow the regime meticulously for the desired result. Ensure that you get adequate rest and are free from stress and anxiety. For a great body, a well-rested and stress-free mind is an important contributing factor.

“When it comes to bodybuilding, diet means everything”

What you eat definitely matters a lot when you start a fitness regime. Eating right and eating at regular intervals keeps your body energized throughout the day and also prevents overload.

Muscle building and planned diet go a long way in bodybuilding. Here are some tips!

  • Eat a diet which comprises 60-70% carbohydrate and protein. Addition of animal protein helps a lot in muscle building. Eat a simple but wholesome breakfast, a protein-laden lunch and dinner along with regular doses of vegetables, fruits as snacks.
  • Avoid junk food, salty food, oily food, alcohol, and smoking.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Avoid intake of too much fat in your food. Lean meat is a better option to get your regular protein without loading excess fat.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours and avoid overeating
  • Don’t take artificial supplements unless specified by your dietician.
  • Drink adequate amount of skimmed milk and other calcium-rich foods to enhance muscle contraction and strengthen your bones and ligaments.
  • If you are a vegetarian ensure that you substitute animal protein with equal amounts of soy-based food and additional supplements if necessary.

“The whole game is about the right kind of diet.”

Tips to Recover from Sports Injuries

Rigorous training and fighting and in some cases, attempting exercises incorrectly, can result in injuries. It is extremely important to attend to these injuries in order to continue your bodybuilding regime and see long term results.

  1. Consuming a protein-rich diet – It is very important that you consume an adequate amount of protein in natural form. Seafood, eggs, beans, pork, lean beef etc would help in repairing your torn ligaments and in quick healing. Keep yourself away from alcohol, sugar and white flour to enable a speedy healing process.
  2. Taking regular supplements – In case your ligament damage is severe, check with your doctor for supplements like glutamine, chondroitin, and MSM to help you recover. If you feel your diet doesn’t give you enough protein you need to find alternative ways to getting it through supplements and protein drinks.
  3. Stay hydrated – Make Sure to drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day. Water facilitates the healing process to a great extent. Drink adequate amount of milk to fulfill your daily calcium requirement also.
  4. Keep up with your exercise regime – Ensure that you do regular physiotherapy post the injury and follow up exercises after your injury starts healing. Though it is not advisable to lift heavy weights immediately after recovery, focus on stability, flexibility and core exercises that would keep your muscles and body in shape.

“If you are fit and active, you can conquer the world”


You can’t achieve a great physique if you are not careful about what you eat, when you eat and how frequently you work out. Bodybuilding is like meditation in certain aspects, the more focus you have, the better are the results. The more diligently you work out, the faster you can build your body. Like meditation, you need to continue the regime even after you achieve your target to ensure the longevity of your physique.

A great body doesn’t have to mean a six-pack or an eight-pack look; it can just mean a toned and healthier body. Forget artificial methods of bulking-up and strive hard to get a great physique which is permanent, healthier and comes with no side-effects!

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