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4 Easy Tips For A Healthy Diwali!

4 Easy Tips For A Healthy Diwali! - PharmEasy
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Yes, our favorite festival is right around the corner. Diwali – the ‘Festival of Lights’ is here to brighten our lives yet again! It’s time to share sweets, gifts and light ‘diyas’. While you are busy enjoying this festival of joy and togetherness, you need to watch out for a few things that can end up harming your health if you are not careful.

Here are a few tips that will ensure that your Diwali is not just happy but also healthy-

 1. Put a Brake on Binging


Diwali is intimately associated with sweets! When guests come over or when you go over to your friend’s house then as per tradition, sweets will be passed around. Very tough to say “No” right?

But do keep in mind the sweets you intake are loaded with calories and you may end up putting on some unnecessary kilos in just a few days if you binge too much on them. Also, they instantly raise your blood sugar level which is harmful not just for people with diabetes but even those who have normal blood sugar levels. 

So what do you do? You should opt for small portion sizes. We all know anything in excess is poison, right? And don’t forget to end your meals with yogurt or sour curd because that helps with digestion.

A quick tip-

Drink plenty of water to detoxify your system and prevent indigestion.

 2. Curb the noise demon

India has been waging a losing war against noise pollution during Diwali for years. The crackers that go off with thunderous bangs easily breach 100 Decibels which is 30% more than the permissible limit. Such high decibel sounds can have major health complications for children and the elderly. So, let’s take a pledge to be a more responsible citizen and scale down on noise pollution this Diwali. 

A quick tip-

Avoid bursting crackers yourself and provide earplugs to kids and the elderly in the house.

 3. Air Pollution is a Big Concern


Fireworks in the sky make for a beautiful sight, don’t they? But what about the smoke and harmful fumes that they emit? That can corrode your lungs and is totally not worth it. Also, it takes a very long time for the outside air to clean itself up. So till that happens, you keep inhaling those harmful chemicals. Over time, this can result in fatal respiratory illnesses like bronchitis and wheezing. 

Here are a few things you can do to limit your exposure to the fumes-

  • Wear a pollution mask on Diwali night and the days preceding and following it.
  • If you have asthma or other respiratory conditions, stay indoors and close all the doors and windows. 

 4. Sleep Soundly


Diwali is celebrated in the evening but the celebrations at times tend to drag on well into the night. This could disturb your regular sleep cycle and cause you to sleep less. Insufficient sleep can result in fatigue, mood swings, and tiredness. And when your body does not feel well, Diwali too won’t be the same. 

To ensure you are at your best for the celebrations, ensure that you don’t compromise on sleep.

A quick tip-

Take a long nap in the afternoon so that your sleep quota for the day is not disturbed.

A few other safe Diwali tips

  • Give your loved ones healthier gifts such as fruit baskets and dry fruits instead of sweets.
  • Use healthier alternatives in your culinary preparations like using jaggery instead of sugar and whole wheat flour instead of maida
  • Don’t forget to exercise during Diwali. Go hit the gym and burn those extra calories!

Diwali is about sharing happiness, don’t let it be the cause of misery. With a few simple measures, we all can enjoy a safe, happy and healthy Diwali.

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