Otrivin Baby Saline Bottle Of 10ml Nasal Spray
Otrivin Baby Saline Bottle Of 10ml Nasal Spray

Otrivin Baby Saline Bottle Of 10ml Nasal Spray

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Otrivin Baby Saline Nasal Spray is formulated especially for babies. The nasal spray is used to eliminate any pollutants from the nasal cavity and help a baby breathe freely. Irritants in the nasal cavity like air pollutants or mucous block the passage and obstruct proper breathing. Baby Saline Nasal Spray moistens the nasal cavity and washes away all irritants. Otrivin Baby Saline Nasal Spray is a gentle nasal cleanser that helps maintain your baby’s nasal hygiene without harming the delicate nasal cavity. It contains a purified salt solution that provides effective relief from nasal congestion.


  • Otrivin Baby Saline Nasal Spray can help clear the nasal cavity of babies.
  • It is very gentle and does not contain any harmful chemicals which might damage the delicate nasal passage of a baby.
  • It can help decongest the nose if any mucous is formed due to cough or cold.
  • The nasal spray is beneficial in keeping the nasal cavity free of pollutants and dust.
  • It soothes the nasal cavity and provides relief from irritation.
  • Otrivin Baby Saline Nasal Spray is very useful in treating nasal congestion which results due to allergies.


  • Sodium Chloride
  • Purified Water
  • Benzalkonium Chloride


Otrivin Baby Saline Nasal Spray is a helpful and easy to use nasal spray used to maintain the nasal hygiene of babies. It is gentle on the nose and helps clear the nose of any pollutants, dust and congestions caused by cough, cold, hay fever or any other allergies.

How to Use

  • Keep your baby’s head tilted downward by resting the shoulders on a pillow. This facilitates the easy passage of the spray.
  • Gentle spray Otrivin into the nasal cavity in the dosage as advised by a medical professional or mentioned on the bottle.
  • Keep the head tilted for a short time after spraying and rest your baby normally after that.

Safety Information

  • Carefully read the instructions on the label of the nasal spray before using it on your baby.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Be careful while spraying the nasal cavity of a baby.


Q1. Does Otrivin Baby Saline Nasal Spray have any side effects?

Ans: No, the nasal spray does not have any side effects in general. It can cause mild irritation for some babies which is a rare scenario.

Q2. Can this nasal spray be used by adults too?

Ans: No, there is a separate Otrivin nasal spray for adults which can be used to clear nasal congestion.

Q3. Do I need a prescription to purchase Otrivin Baby Saline Nasal Spray?

Ans: No, you will not require a prescription to purchase the nasal spray as it is an over the counter (OTC) medicine.

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