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5 Refreshing Summer Drinks To Quench Your Thirst With!

Summer Coolers
Written by Dixit Arora
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The soaring summer temperatures, the blistering heat and the stifling humidity can make you vulnerable to a plethora of illnesses. Chief among which is dehydration, allergies, sunstroke and food-poisoning. Any doctor would advise you to drink plenty of water to avert these illnesses. While you should adhere to that suggestion, you can also consider some alternatives to water which serve the same purpose and yet provide some added benefits –

 1. Fruit Juices 

Make the most of summer fruits like watermelons, mangoes, lemons or grapes by preparing a delightful fruit juice. Add in minimum possible amount of sugar so that it does not counteract the benefits of fruits.

Not only will the fruit juice supply your body with the fluid it desperately needs, but you will also get a nutrient boost. Summer fruits contain tonnes of vitamins, foliates, anti-oxidants and minerals which will boost your immunity, improve your heart health and keep your muscles and joints flexible and strong.

Prepare a substantial quantity of fruit juice first thing in the morning and carry it with you in a bottle and sip from it frequently.

 2. Coconut Water –

Nothing can be as revitalizing and refreshing as a glass of green coconut water. They are easy to come by during summers in India. Coconut water is packed with electrolytes and potassium that can maintain fluid balance in your body. It can raise energy levels, save you from food poisoning, reduce bad cholesterol level and even strengthen your bones and teeth.

3. Herbal Teas –

Herbal teas are no-fuss and easy to brew. To prep your body to beat the summer heat, you can opt for chamomile, lemon or peppermint tea. You can drink your tea hot or cold.

Herbal teas can do your body a world of good- they reduce stress levels, strengthen your immunity, flush out toxins from your body, keep sugar levels in check and can be very effective against a sore throat.

4. Skimmed Milk –

A glass of cool fat-free milk with a spoon of honey stirred in can do wonder for your health. Skimmed milk contains plenty of nutrients that can prevent osteoporosis, promote heart health, stabilize blood pressure, lower both high cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Honey, is a wonder food in its own right. Not only is it the healthy sugar substitute, but it also boosts brain health, nourishes your skin and hair, helps in weight loss, improves immunity and speeds up healing of wounds.

Milk and honey is a combination that you can’t go wrong with. But if you are lactose intolerant, substitute milk with soy-milk.

 5. Chaas –

Chaas or Buttermilk as it is called in India is a cooling drink. It can keep you hydrated. And at the same time, it can effectively cure acidity, accelerates digestion, helps in shedding the kilos, lowers blood pressure and reduces risk of cardiac ailments.

You can’t do without water. But, try to incorporate these water alternatives to give your health an extra edge this summer.

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