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Should You Keep The AC On While Working Out?

Should You Keep The AC On While Working Out? - PharmEasy
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What are the first few things you enquire about when you want to join a new gym? The exercise equipment, the timings, and the fees. One other thing that many people ask is whether the gym is air-conditioned or not.  This is because working out means a lot of sweating, which is not very comfortable. And especially in our climate, exercising without air conditioning is unthinkable to most.

So, should you keep the AC on during workouts? Let’s find out.

Here is what happens if you keep the AC on –

 1. It’s not easy to warm up

You probably know that you have to warm up before you start your exercise routine. But warming up takes a lot of time when you do it in an air-conditioned room. What does that mean? It means that you will be using a lot of energy just to warm up and you will be left with very little stamina to go through your main routine afterwards.


 2. Your body keeps cooling down

The goal of exercising is to keep your body warm because that is the only way you can burn calories. But in an air-conditioned room, your body does not stay warm for long periods and tends to cool down often. What does this imply? Your body will burn fewer calories even though you exercise for long periods. 

When you take quick breaks in between sets, your body will lose heat due to the AC. And when you resume your workout, you will have to work extra hard to warm up your body again. At the end of the session, although you will be left exhausted, you will have burnt fewer calories than expected.

 3. You will not lose toxins

One of the chief benefits of working out is detoxification. Your body gets rid of harmful substances through sweating. The more you sweat, the cleaner your system becomes. But how much do you really sweat when you work out in an AC gym? Not much! So that means, your body will not be able to expel many toxins.

 4. Not suitable for a cardio workout

What is the purpose of a cardio workout? It makes your heartbeat faster, which in turn generates heat to burn up the calories. And normal temperatures are ideal to gently escalate your heartbeat to the required level. But in a cold room, you won’t be able to generate an adequate amount of heat to burn a lot of calories.

Working out in an AC gym also causes a lot of muscle ache and muscle tear.

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 5. You can catch a cold

After a long stretch of exercise, you take a small break, right? If you are in an air-conditioned room, your body will cool down more rapidly than it is supposed to and this will dry all your sweat almost immediately – this makes you prone to catching a cold. 

Moreover, cooling down during breaks in an AC room and warming up multiple times during a workout is bad for your heart because it has a negative impact on your blood pressure.

If you work out in an AC gym, you will have to exercise for longer just to reap the benefits. Therefore, it is best you keep the AC off during workouts for maximum benefits. 

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