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The Right Way To Upload Prescriptions On PharmEASY

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Upload prescriptions online pharmacies are an attractive destination because you don’t have to leave the house to get your medicines or compare prices. From what we have observed, many of the consumers have their own idea about prescription uploads. We get different kinds of uploads, some legit, some hilarious and some down-right stupid! So here is a list of “dos and don’ts” especially for those confused!

The Don’ts for upload prescriptions

  1. Don’t trick us with fake prescriptions

It has come to the light that online pharmacies are seen as an inventive medium by many, thanks to the various “creatively executed” fake prescriptions that we often receive. You can cut letter heads and stamps and paste it to make a prescription or you may even create an imaginary doctor of your own, but you ain’t fooling anyone here!

  1. Do not take selfies with prescription

Sorry to break it to you, but one does not simply get discounts based on how nice they look in the picture. Save it for the Facebook post maybe? PharmEasy is a lead-generation platform and therefore there is no scope for being silly. Otherwise we might just end up using it as a meme for posts.

  1. Do not upload self prescriptions

It is very obvious when one uploads self prescriptions. Seriously guys, how stupid do you think we really are?

  1. Don’t upload crumbled prescriptions

We have got people uploading prescriptions that were once wrapped around a samosa or god knows what! Some have clearly even used to make paper rockets (or tried to recycle paper we guess). The crumbles on the prescriptions make it impossible for us to identify the content on it!

  1. Don’t upload prescriptions that are not legible

It’s like high school all over again. No marks for bad handwriting! Kindly request doctors to write the description in a legible way. Please get a clear prescription yaar, have some mercy on the guys who go get your medicines!

The Dos for upload prescriptions

  1. Letterhead- A must!

We need to know where you got the prescription from and verify if that is from a licensed place. A letterhead will be authentic evidence that the prescription is legit.

  1. Doctor’s name & ID

It is important to verify if the doctor who is prescribing the medicine to you is in fact a human or an alien!? An ideal prescription should at least have the following things clearly visible: Doctor’s Name, Doctor’s Registration Number, Patients Name and Date of Prescribing.  

  1. Stamp

Suppose you guys are genius enough to obtain a letter head and add your own prescription without arousing suspicion, time to plan again. Doctor’s or the hospital seal is a must while uploading. We need to also verify if the hospital is licensed or not.

  1. Only recent prescription

We accept only recent prescriptions. You can’t be that lazy to just send in old prescription. We deliver you the latest medicines available and in turn expect you to provide us with the latest prescription in return. Just a simple give and take policy!

  1. Read our terms & conditions

Before you upload, make sure to read all our terms and conditions. You will get all the details regarding our security, communication and general functioning of the app and more!

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