15 Amazing Benefits of Poppy Seeds (Khus Khus)

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Known by various names across different states of India, Khus Khus or Poppy seeds are the well-known ingredient that finds a place in numerous Indian cuisines. Since they are good for diabetes, they are used in many recipes for diabetes, too. While they have a peculiar nutty taste, they are highly recommended when you need to add a nice aroma to any cuisine.

Different variants of Poppy seeds are readily available. From these, the popular types are:

benefits of poppy seeds
  • White Poppy seeds – Also known as Indian/Asian Poppy seeds
  • Oriental Poppy seeds – Also known as Opium Poppy
  • Blue Poppy seeds – Also known as European Poppy seeds

Nutrition Facts of Poppy Seeds 

Poppy seeds are a rich source of dietary fibre. This helps you feel full for longer periods of time. It also contains 9.7 mg magnesium in one teaspoon, which is useful for good bone health and blood clotting. The iron and calcium content of poppy seeds play a significant role in the development and health of the nervous system.

A quick guide on the nutritional content of Khus Khus:

Khus Khus contents per 100gAmount
Thiamine74% of the daily recommended intake
Folate21% of the daily recommended intake
Vitamin B619% of the daily recommended intake
Vitamin E12% of the daily recommended intake
Choline11% of the daily recommended intake
Riboflavin8% of the daily recommended intake
Calcium144% of the daily recommended intake
Phosphorus124% of the daily recommended intake
Manganese109% of the daily recommended intake
Magnesium98% of the daily recommended intake
Iron75% of the daily recommended intake

Here are some popular benefits of Poppy seeds:

Improvement of Fertility

Poppy seeds play a pivotal role in boosting female fertility. They are known to remove mucus from the fallopian tubes and aid in achieving pregnancy. They also enhance sexual desire and improve sexual health by boosting libido.

Fights insomnia

Opium Poppy is effective in inducing sleep. Known to create a calming effect, the seeds help in bringing down stress levels. They can be consumed in the form of tea or made into a paste and mixed with warm milk to enjoy a blessed slumber. Also, read 4 ways to treat insomnia.

Bone Strenght

Being rich in copper and calcium, Poppy seeds help in improving bone health. The manganese in the seeds helps in the production of the protein collagen that protects the bones from severe damage. Also, read the best foods for healthy bones.

Improves Digestion

Poppy seeds are a rich source of insoluble fibre and help in strengthening the digestive system and treating constipation effectively.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Poppy seeds have an abundance of dietary fibres present in them. They play a role in reducing the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body and keeping the levels of good cholesterol up. Poppy seeds are also rich in iron and improve the circulation of blood. Blood pressure levels are kept under control with the use of poppy seeds and they also contain Omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial in reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. 

Efficient Cure of Mouth Ulcers

Since they have a cooling effect on the body, poppy seeds are known to be a great treatment for mouth ulcers. However, only limited research is known to back this ideology.

Regulation of Blood Pressure

Oleic acid, an essential component in Poppy seeds, is known to reduce blood pressure levels.

Great for the Eyes

The zinc and antioxidant content in Poppy seeds help to improve vision and protect against eye diseases such as Macular Degeneration. Also, read eye care tips for healthy vision.

Improves Cognitive Functions

Poppy seeds are rich in iron. This helps purify the blood and increase haemoglobin levels in the blood. Consumption of poppy seeds can improve the circulation of blood which results in an optimal supply of oxygen to every part of the body including your brain. This can help neurotransmitters function efficiently and improve the cognitive functioning of the brain. 

Helps in Treating Kidney Stones

The potassium content in Poppy seeds helps in treating kidney stones and also prevents their re-occurrence. Also, read 5 symptoms of kidney stones.

Good for Thyroid

Zinc is a pivotal element for thyroid glands, and thanks to their rich zinc content, Poppy seeds play a crucial role in proper thyroid functioning. Also, read 8 best foods for thyroid patients.

Diabetes Treatment

Poppy seeds occupy an integral place in a diabetic’s diet. The manganese in the seeds helps in the treatment of diabetes.

Natural Analgesic

For generations, Poppy seeds have been a tried and tested option to relieve pain. Many ancient medical practitioners have used the analgesic properties of Poppy seeds to comfort their patients from pain and discomfort. Some reports also suggest the consumption of Poppy tea, made by mixing the seeds in hot water, to reduce pain. The pain-relieving property is significantly high in the Opium variant of the Poppy seeds.

Helps in Dandruff treatment

Prepare a paste of soaked Poppy seeds, white pepper, and hung curd and apply to your hair. Leave for half an hour and wash off. Use regularly to prevent the occurrence of dandruff. Read more on the home remedies for dandruff.

Promotes mental health

Dry poppy seeds contain very small levels of opium alkaloids which have some beneficial effects on the human body. It helps soothe nervous irritability and act as a painkiller. Poppyseed drink also decreases the levels of cortisol in the body and help reduce stress levels. 

How to incorporate Poppy seeds into my diet?

Poppy seeds are found in bakery products, like bagels and muffins. They can also be added to salads as dressing and can be eaten with vegetables. Use poppy seeds as a topping, to add some crunch to cheese or on toast.  

Here are a few quick recipes to add this wonderful seed to your diet:

Posto Bata– Grind 1 teaspoon of poppy seeds with one green chilli (or use a mixer)- Add to a bowl with 2 teaspoons of chopped onion, salt and mustard oil- Mix and mash thoroughly, then have it with rice
Aloo Posto– Grind 1 tablespoon poppy seeds with 1-2 green chillies, add water if necessary- Fry the finely sliced onions and cubed potatoes in oil- Add in the poppy seed paste along with salt, half a teaspoon of sugar- Mix well then add half a cup of water and let it simmer for a few minutes

The risks and side effects of Poppy Seeds 

  1. Poppy seeds should be sourced from trusted retailers. Poppy seeds can contain opioid compounds if they are not processed properly or harvested properly. Poppy seeds with high opioid levels can cause the effects of the opioid to be felt in the body. This can be potentially harmful. 
  1. The use of poppy seeds for the treatment of insomnia should be monitored. It should be in very limited quantities since there is a likelihood of the development of dependency. 
  1. Consumption of poppy seeds should be done in moderation. Overconsumption of poppy seeds can result in a positive drug test for opioids.  


Q1. What is Khus Khus called in English?

Khus Khus is called poppy seeds in English. It may also go by a slightly different variation in India, namely, Khas Khas. 

Q2. Can Khus Khus be consumed daily?

Yes, Khus Khus can be consumed daily either by eating the seeds directly, making a paste of it and adding it to a glass of milk or by steeping the seeds in hot water to make Khus Khus tea. Apart from its calming effects as well as its benefits to the digestive system, Khus Khus is an excellent way to boost your dietary fibre. 

Q3. How does Khus Khus improve sleep?

Khus Khus is a good source of the mineral magnesium which our body needs for many cellular processes. Magnesium is also involved in decreasing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. By reducing this hormone due to its magnesium content, Khus Khus can help with longer and deeper sleep. 

Q4. What precautions are needed when consuming Khus Khus?

While respectable and legitimate producers will have little to no opioid content, if you buy Khus Khus from untrustworthy sources then the same is not true. Be sure to limit your daily consumption to avoid any potential health issues. 

Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.


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