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Best Home Remedies for Clear Skin

By Dr Siddharth Gupta +2 more


Many of us today have skincare goals that might be lightening dark spots or circles, preventing acne breakouts, preventing wrinkled skin, or obtaining flawless clear skin. There are various lotions, creams, serums, and other products on the market to help achieve this skincare goal. However, it takes more than just these products to obtain clear, healthy skin. Simple lifestyle measures like eating the right foods, getting an ample amount of sleep and quitting smoking can help in the process of obtaining clear skin.1 

how to get clear skin naturally

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What Causes Marks on Your Face? 

Some skin issues that lead to dark spots on your face or sometimes result in scars include:2 

  • Acne: This is a condition that occurs when the pores of your skin become clogged by bacteria, sebum, hair, and dead skin cells. These clogs lead to whiteheads, blackheads, and other types of pimples. Acne can occasionally cause scarring.3 
  • Folliculitis: This is a common skin issue where hair follicles get swollen. It occurs mainly due to bacterial or fungal infections. Initially, it may appear as small red bumps or white-headed pimples surrounding hair follicles (a tunnel-shaped structure that anchors hair into the skin). This infection might spread and result in crusty, non-healing sores.4  
  • Melasma: This is a skin condition that is marked by brownish patches or freckle-like spots on the face. This condition is very common during pregnancy. It most commonly occurs on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip, nose and chin.5 
  • Heat Rash: This occurs due to blocked sweat glands. Heat rashes can lead to superficial blisters and can sometimes also cause deep red lumps.6 
  • Sun Allergy: This appears as hives (an allergic skin reaction), blisters, or rashes on the face. It occurs due to the reaction of the immune system to sunlight.7 
  • Sunburn: This condition develops due to exposure to UV rays of the sun. Sunburn can lead to premature skin ageing as well as skin cancer.8  

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The use of a skin toner, exfoliator and moisturizer suitable to your skin type, along with a daily skincare routine, might be very helpful to achieve and maintain clear and healthy skin.

Dr Ashish Bajaj – M.B.B.S, M.D. in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Suggested Home Remedies For Clear Skin: 

The following remedies can be used to relieve acne and promote healthy, clear skin: 

1. Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is known to be effective against acne, thereby promoting clear skin. It also helps in faster wound healing.9 To use tea tree oil, you first need to dilute it with some carrier oil, for example, olive, coconut or almond oil and apply it to the skin. Also, avoid using tea tree oil if you are allergic to it. You can do an allergy test by first applying it to a small area.  

2. Green Tea 

The extracts of green tea are helpful in the management of acne, thus helping in achieving clear skin. According to studies, skin lotions containing green tea extracts proved to be efficient in the management of acne.10 You can make a green tea face mask using honey, green tea and baking soda. Mix these ingredients to make a paste. You can apply this paste as a face mask to get clear skin.  

3. Aloe Vera 

This herb can be used to manage acne, resulting in clear skin. Moreover, it helps soothe skin and clean up outbreaks. Aloe vera also helps to deal with inflammatory conditions like boils and cysts.11 You can apply aloe vera gel directly on your face by massaging gently. Aloe vera gel can be added to your homemade face masks and face packs as well.  

4. Rosewater 

Rosewater is helpful in the management of acne and blackheads, thereby helping to attain clear skin.12 To use rosewater, take some in your palms and massage gently on the face. You can also use cotton to gently dab the rose water on the skin.  

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5. Walnut  

This herb is used to produce a great wash for a variety of skin issues, including worst cases of acne, thereby improving skin health and helping to obtain clear skin.12 To make walnuts a part of your skincare routine, you can use a walnut face mask and face scrubs. To make the walnut face mask, mix honey, besan (gram flour) and ground walnuts together to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste to the face as a face mask. To make walnut scrub, ground some walnuts, and add some olive oil. Apply this scrub by gently massaging it on your skin.  

6. Orange Peel 

The juice and milk paste obtained from the orange peel is known to be effective in the management of acne. Therefore, it helps in promoting clear skin.12 You can use orange peel powder to make face packs. Mix orange peel powder and yoghurt to make a paste. You can apply this orange peel and yoghurt face pack for clear and healthy skin.  

7. Jojoba Oil 

This essential oil has been used for dealing with acne and psoriasis, thereby resulting in clear skin.12 Jojoba oil can be applied directly to the skin as a serum. But before using the oil, make sure you are not allergic to it by doing a patch test first. You can also put jojoba oil in other face packs to get clear and healthy skin. 

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8. Coriander 

The oil of coriander has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Thus, it is helpful in managing acne, which in turn promotes healthy, clear skin.12 You can use freshly ground coriander leaves by mixing them with aloe vera gel. Apply it evenly on the face and massage gently for clearer skin.  

9. Lavender 

The extracts obtained from lavender have been used to deal with acne and help obtain clear skin.12 Lavender oil can be applied to the skin after mixing it with carrier oils like olive or coconut. Gently massage this mixture on the face to get clear skin. You can also use a cotton ball to gently dab it on the skin.  

10. Lemon 

This fruit has been used for various skin conditions like acne, warts, sunburns, and scars.12 To use lemon juice, mix a small quantity with honey and apply it to the face. You can also put lemon juice in your face pack recipes. If you feel any irritation after using lemon juice, wash it immediately.  

11. Neem 

A few neem leaves can be taken and crushed to get a paste. This paste can be applied on the face where there is acne to get clear skin. 12 Making a neem face pack is easy. Start by boiling some neem leaves and orange peels. When they become soft, take them out. Grind them to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste to get clear skin.  

12. Dietary Changes 

At times, a poor diet that includes carbohydrates and sugars can lead to inflammation (swelling), redness, puffiness, and breakouts. To obtain glowing, clear skin, you can change to a diet that includes vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and fish. A diet comprising of tomatoes, spinach, salmon, and avocados, contains various minerals and vitamins that help boost your skin health.1 

Pro Tip- Consistent Skin Care Routine is the key to healthy glowing skin. You may explore the benefits of products like topical Niacinamide serum, mild cleansers and moisturizers that suit your skin. Consume a balanced diet, stay hydrated and don’t mess up with your sleep schedule.

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Tomatoes, papayas, grapes, and cucumber, when combined with glycerine and lime juice, impart a yummy glow to the skin. Using fruits and vegetables as a face pack exfoliate allows their nutrients to penetrate the skin and seep into the lower epidermal layers.

Dr. M.G. Kartheeka – MBBS, MD(Pediatrics)

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When to Seek Medical Help? 

It is essential to visit a dermatologist (skin and hair specialist) when: 

  • You have used over-the-counter products and cleanses for acne, and the condition doesn’t seem to improve. 
  • You are anxious about your skin and want to obtain flawless, clear skin.1 

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Having clear, flawless skin is a dream for everyone. Conditions like acne, folliculitis, sun allergy, melasma, heat rashes and sunburns can result in marks on the face. Several home remedies like green tea, tea tree oil, rose water, lemon, lavender, jojoba oil, coriander, walnut, orange peel and aloe vera can be used to manage acne and other skin conditions and obtain clear, flawless skin. However, it is important to visit a doctor if your condition doesn’t improve or if you are anxious and want clear, flawless skin. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

How to use walnut to obtain clear skin? 

Walnut husks can be boiled with sufficient water, strained and then stored in a corked jug. It can then be used on the face to manage acne and obtain clear skin.12 

How to use orange or lemon peels to obtain clear skin? 

Orange peels can be taken and dried. The dried peels can be powdered and sieved. This powder can be combined with milk to obtain a paste. This paste can be applied to the face before going to bed at night. The peels of an orange or lemon can be put in a blender, and this juice can be used on the face to manage acne and obtain clear skin.12

How to use rose water to obtain clear skin? 

Rose petals can be dried and added to boiling water. This mixture is allowed to cool down and then can be consumed as a drink. It can also be used as a face wash or wet pack.12 

Can poplar be used to obtain clear skin?

Poplar buds are used to manage acne, resulting in clear skin.12 

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