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Natural Home Remedies For Breast Pain

By Dr Anuja Bodhare +2 more


Is your breast pain the cause of your worry? It might just be because of your upcoming menstrual period. Breast pain is also called mastalgia or mastodynia, and it can occur due to a variety of reasons, the most common being the menstrual period. Unlike popular belief, breast pain does not always mean breast cancer. However, if you feel a few lumps in your breast that won’t go away along with soreness of breasts, you should visit a doctor and get things clarified.1 Mostly, breast pain is manageable and will go away quickly with a few lifestyle modifications. However, even though the pain may go away, it can be pretty painful, leaving us searching for remedies to get relief from it. So, are you looking for a quick remedy for breast pain? We indeed have a list of a few for you to try. 

quick remedy for breast pain

Did you know?

  • Breast pain is more common in premenopausal women compared to postmenopausal women. Source: ncbi
  • Breast pain is often caused by hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle.Source: ncbi
  • Breast pain can be relieved by wearing a well-fitted supportive bra.Source: ncbi
  • Smoking has been associated with an increased risk of breast pain. Source: ncbi

What Causes Breast Pain? 

The common causes of breast pain are listed below: 

  • During puberty, breast pain can occur in both boys and girls.    
  • During menstruation (periods) and pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS; typical symptoms that occur before periods in women)  
  • During pregnancy, especially in the first trimester  
  • During menopause, unless you are on hormone replacement therapy    
  • After giving birth, a woman’s breast may become swollen and painful as it gets filled with milk. However, if you notice redness, contact your doctor as it might signify something more serious.    
  • Breast pain can occur while breastfeeding as well.    
  • Fibrocystic breast tissue is lumps or cysts in the breast that become more painful during periods. These fibrocystic breast changes are a common cause of breast pain.    
  • Shingles (a viral disease with a painful rash) can also be the reason for breast pain if the rash appears on your breast skin.2  
  • Some medicines might be causing breast pain, like:  
  • Medicines with digitalis    
  • Medicines used for treating high blood pressure (chlorpromazine, spironolactone, diuretics (water pills), oxymetholone and methyldopa)2  
  • Birth control pills    
  • Pills for depression (antidepressants)    
  • Fertility medications  
  • Hormone therapy1  
  • If you underwent radiation therapy before    
  • Cysts in the breast    
  • Fibro-adenoma (non-cancerous lumps) in the breasts    
  • If you have costochondritis (inflammation at the site where bone and cartilage meet in the rib cage)    
  • Smoking    
  • Intake of excess caffeine    
  • Stress    
  • Larger breast size1  

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A clinical breast examination supplemented with an ultrasound or a mammogram are good starting points to diagnose causes of persistent breast pain.

Dr Ashish Bajaj – M.B.B.S, M.D. in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Symptoms of Breast Pain: 

Breast pain itself is a symptom which can occur due to the above-stated causes. However, the pain can be of different kinds and will differ depending on whether you have cyclic (coincides with menstrual cycles) or non-cyclic (doesn’t coincide with the menstrual cycle) breast pain.1 If it’s cyclic breast pain, you’ll feel: 

  • The heaviness of the breast. 
  • You will feel soreness in the breast. 
  • You will feel the breast tenderness. 
  • You might see a swelling in the breast. 
  • The severity of breast pain can differ from person to person. 
  • The pain may even spread from your breast to shoulder and armpits.1 

If you have non-cyclic breast pain, then you might experience the following symptoms: 

  • You may experience a sharper and more acute (severe) pain in your breast. 
  • Your breast pain will be limited to one specific area. 
  • The pain might feel like a burn or a stab in a specific breast area.1 

Symptoms of non-cyclic breast pain may stay for a long time or may come and go over time.1  

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Home Remedies for Breast Pain: 

Your breast pain might go away with your periods. But, if you feel a lot of discomfort and are looking for natural remedies for breast pain, we have a few for you. You can try a few or all of these home remedies for breast pain and choose whichever suits you best. 

1. Kalonji  

The seeds of kalonji, also known as Nigella sativa or fennel flower, contain many bioactive compounds, and essential oil is obtained from them. The essential oil of kalonji was used for a study to determine the effectiveness of kalonji in managing breast pain. This study showed that the syrup of kalonji, made by using kalonji oil and paraffin, when mixed in water and honey, might effectively relieve breast pain.3 You can use kalonji as a natural remedy for breast pain by taking a few kalonji seeds, making a powder out of it, mixing the powder in water and honey and drinking it. Regular usage of this remedy might relieve your breast pain. 

2. Evening Primrose  

Scientifically known as Oenothera biennis, the evening primrose is medically valuable due to the high presence of fatty acids in it. It may alleviate inflammation by inhibiting certain compounds responsible for inflammation. The most important activity of evening primrose is that it is good for relieving breast pain. In a study, it was found to have similar effects as Vitamin E on breast pain.3 You can use the essential oil obtained from evening primrose as a quick remedy for breast pain by adding a few drops in tea and drinking it. You can also add it to hot water and drink it. Sometimes, it can be mixed in a carrier oil and used for massaging the breasts. 

3. Turmeric  

Turmeric might have an antioxidant activity similar to vitamin E and Vitamin C. It may also have the capacity to reduce inflammation. A study showed that curcumin given to women before their menstrual period reduced the breast pain that they experienced.3 You can mix a little turmeric powder in warm milk and drink it before your periods begin to decrease breast pain. It may prove to be a useful hack for cyclic breast pain.  

4. Chaste Tree  

The chaste tree, also known as Vitex agnus-castus, is a plant with long-fingered leaves. Traditionally, it was used to deal with women’s fertility disorders, including PMS and breast pain (cyclic mastalgia). A study on humans shows that the chaste tree might be indeed effective in managing breast pain.3 You can use a few drops of chaste tree oil by mixing in warm water or tea with a little bit of honey. This remedy might help reduce your breast pain. 

5. Orange Skin Essential Oil  

The oil of orange skin (Citrus sinensis) contains many components which might have beneficial therapeutic effects on the central nervous system like pain reduction, muscle relaxation and mood elevation. A study showed that consumption of orange skin essential oil over time could reduce the effects of PMS on the body.3 Therefore, it can be used as a remedy to get relief from breast pain. In a cup of warm water, you can add a few drops of orange skin essential oil and drink it. To reap its beneficial effects for breast pain, you might have to diligently follow the remedy. However, it is better to consult a doctor if the pain persists or the condition worsens. 

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6. Wheat Germ    

Wheat germ contains multiple nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which makes it useful for managing various kinds of diseases. So, a study was conducted to see if it is effective in alleviating breast pain. In this study, it was seen that wheat germ consumption significantly reduced breast pain in women.3 You can include wheat in your diet to obtain the benefits of wheat germ. You can also try wheat germ oil by mixing a few drops of it in a glass of water and honey and drinking it. This can possibly be one of the better natural remedies for sore and painful breasts. 

7. Ginkgo  

The extract of the plant Ginkgo biloba was found to be useful in the management of breast pain. The effectiveness of this plant extract was seen in a study when the extract was consumed over a while.3 You can use dried Gingko that is often available in the market and boil it in water to obtain a decoction. Drinking this decoction may alleviate your breast pain. 

8. Hot or Cold Compress  

A quick remedy for breast pain would be to apply heat or cold to it. To the most painful area on your breast, you can apply heat, but make sure to protect your skin.1,2 You can use a hot or cold pack for application on the breast, but if it is too hot or too cold, it can damage your skin, so make sure that you use an optimum temperature for heat or cold compress. Using this remedy might provide relief from breast pain.  

Though there are studies that show the benefits of the given herbs and home remedies for breast pain, these are insufficient, and there is a need for further studies to establish the true extent of the benefits of these herbs and home remedies on human health. Thus, these should only be taken under the guidance and supervision of your Ayurvedic physician.  

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The most common type of breast pain is linked to the menstrual cycle. It is nearly always hormonal. Some women begin to have pain around the time of ovulation. The pain continues until the start of their menstrual cycle which doesn’t require any treatment

Dr. M.G. Kartheeka – MBBS, MD(Pediatrics)

When to Seek Medical Help? 

You should visit a doctor and seek their advice if you notice the following: 

  • A clear or bloody discharge from your nipples 
  • Persistent and unexplained breast pain 
  • Signs of breast infection (swelling, redness and fever) 
  • A lump in your breast that doesn’t go away after your periods (menstruation) 
  • Hardening and swelling in your breasts within the week after giving birth2 

You must not completely rely on home remedies for the management of breast pain. You should consult a qualified doctor for any advice related to breast pain and related symptoms.  

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Breast pain, also called mastalgia, can occur due to many reasons such as hormone changes (puberty, pregnancy and menopause), certain medications, increased caffeine intake, smoking, etc. It is very common and can occur along with menstrual period (cyclic) or not (non-cyclic), and it varies in severity with each person. Although it goes away on its own, you can try a few natural remedies for breast pain like turmeric, orange skin oil, wheat germ or cold compress. You can try a few of them and see what sticks with you. However, if the pain persists for more than a few days, or you notice a discharge from the nipples or have signs of infection (redness, swelling and fever), you should visit a doctor.  

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can turmeric be used for breast soreness?  

Yes, turmeric has curcumin which was found to be effective in relieving breast soreness in studies.3 You can use a little bit of turmeric powder by mixing it in warm milk and drinking it daily. But it is advisable to consult a doctor for proper advice. 

What is a quick home remedy for breast pain?  

You can use an ice pack or hot compress to apply to the sore area of your breast as a quick home remedy for breast pain. Ensure that the object you use for the hot compress is not too hot as it can damage your skin.1 

What are home remedies for breast pain?  

There are several home remedies for breast pain which you can use, like, turmeric, evening primrose, chaste tree, orange skin oil, kalonji, etc.3 You can try a few or all of them to relieve breast pain. However, if the problem persists, you should consult your doctor. 

Does breast pain indicate that I have breast cancer?  

No. Breast pain does not always indicate breast cancer. You can have breast pain due to your menstrual period, pregnancy, menopause, certain medicines, smoking, increased caffeine intake, etc. However, if you feel lumps in your breast that don’t go away, you should visit a doctor.1    

Can methi be used for breast pain treatment at home?  

No. There is inadequate research supporting the use of methi for the management of breast pain. There is a need for more scientific studies to back the use of methi for breast pain. 


1. Breast Pain (Mastalgia) [Internet]. Cleaveland Clinic. [cited 2022 Jun 3]. Available from: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/15469-breast-pain-mastalgia 

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational/awareness purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional and should not be relied upon to diagnose or treat any medical condition. The reader should consult a registered medical practitioner to determine the appropriateness of the information and before consuming any medication. PharmEasy does not provide any guarantee or warranty (express or implied) regarding the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of the information; and disclaims any liability arising thereof.

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