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8 Best Summer Foods To Keep Your Body Cool

food to eat in summer
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As the Mercury starts rising and drinking gazillion litres of water is not making a difference, the best way to keep your body cool this summer is by keeping your diet right. This will reduce internal heat and make you feel more comfortable with the soaring temperatures. While cold drinks and frozen desserts might seem cooling, they are not. Instead, they affect you adversely. Here is our list of eight foods that will cool you down and keep you healthy.


‘Cool as a cucumber’- heard that one, right?  Cucumbers instantly hydrate the body and bring down the body heat. Snack on them as a salad or with your favourite dip or blitz them into a juice with ginger and some lemon. There is no wrong way to consume them.

2. Melons

Watermelons and musk melons sell like hot cakes in summers. Juicy and full of nutrients that the body needs, the melons make for great summer companions. Not only do they hydrate but boost the body with power-packed nutrients like Vitamin B, magnesium, potassium and fibre.

3. Leafy Greens

The green leafy vegetables are high in nutrient value, calcium and provide a good cooling effect on the body. Spinach, lettuce, Amaranth, Chinese cabbage and kale are your summer talismans. They can be had in smoothies, salads or as a side dish in a meal.

4. Buttermilk

The Indian drink of the summers is buttermilk and the wisdom of the ages shines through. Not only does it keep you hydrated but it also is beneficial for digestion. Have it with roasted cumin seeds, fresh coriander and some ginger to add zing to your day.

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5. Mango

The king of fruits is your best alternative to reducing body heat. There are myriad ways of incorporating it into your diet. Have it raw, as aam Panna- that quintessential summer drink, as chutney or curry. Mangoes are great for digestion, cure heat strokes and boost energy. Also, read more about the health benefits of mangoes.

6. Lemon

The easiest way to add flavour to your glass of water is to have it with lemon. They boost the immune system, make your skin glow and add a healthy dose of Vitamin C to your diet. So drink up as lemonade made with plain water or add a dash of lemon to your juices and salads.

7. Curd And Yoghurt

Packed with calcium, curd should be your go-to option for a healthy summer alternative to cold fizzy drinks. Rich with Vitamin B and gut-friendly bacteria, curd soothes the body from within. Add flavour to it by mixing it with mangoes, strawberries and other fruits. It can also be had as Shrikhand. Read more on the health benefits of yoghurt.

8. Fish

To boost the protein content in your diet without depending on the meats, turn to fish. Rich in good fatty acids, fish, makes for a tasty alternative. Since it generates less heat on consumption, you won’t feel lethargic and uncomfortably full, a feeling that usually we associate with after having chicken and meat dishes.

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