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16 Simple Home Remedies for Glowing Skin!

By Dhwani Jerajani +2 more

Gone are the days when glowing skin was only a woman’s top priority! These days everyone yearns for a soft, smoother and of course, blemish-free glowing skin. And with each of us engulfed in hectic schedules, irregular eating habits, inadequate sleep and pollution, achieving flawless and picture-perfect, glowing skin has become difficult, if not an impossible task.

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

While there are scores of skin and beauty care products available in the market, nothing beats the goodness and wholesomeness of natural products. So, walk into your kitchen today and create some of these handy and easy to implement home remedies that promise to give you glowing skin!

Here’s a quick guide to some of the top home remedies for healthy, glowing skin:

RemedySkin health componentsBenefits
TurmericCurcumin, AntioxidantsBoost collagen production, anti-inflammatory properties
HoneyGlucose, sucrose, antioxidantsHome remedy for eczema, psoriasis, improves wound healing and scar fading
Olive OilAntioxidants, Vitamins A, D, E and KDamage healing, UV protection, improving skin glow
Orange/Lemon Juice (Diluted)Vitamin C, citric acid, antioxidantsBrightening dark spots, improving elasticity and firmness, improves moisturization
Milk and dairy productsTyrosine, lactic acid, Vitamins D and AIt may reduce dark spots, may improve facial tone
Besan maskBesan flourHelps to exfoliate when used as a mask or scrub
CucumberAntioxidants, Folic acid, VitaminsAnti-inflammatory, helps to balance skin pH, decreases puffy skin, curbs irritation and hydrates
PapayaPapain, chymopapain, vitaminsAntiviral, antifungal, antibacterial properties, reduces wrinkles, decreases the risk of acne, exfoliates and leaves the skin glowing
Aloe VeraVitamins and antioxidantsImproves elasticity, helps in damage healing, moisturises skin, minor wound healing

Did You Know?

1. Turmeric (Skin Type- Dry & Oil)

Image Source: freepik.com

Blessed with anti-bacterial properties, Turmeric is one divine spice that will never let you down. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that helps in achieving that wonderful glow. It has curcumin which is an anti-inflammatory agent and helps to get rid of puffiness. Not only does it give your skin a glow, but turmeric also makes the skin rejuvenated and keeps dull skin at bay.

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Turmeric not only eliminates free radicals that damage the skin but also enhances collagen production that helps keep the skin supple and fresh.

How To Use Turmeric for your Skin?

Mix about half a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a cup of gram flour (chickpea flour). Add enough milk/water and mix well to form a smooth paste. Now, add a few drops of rose water and mix it again. Apply this paste on your face and neck and leave it on till it dries. Then, rinse with cool water.

You should include this step in your summer skin health routine.

2. Honey (Skin Type – Oily, Acne-Prone & Combination)

Image Source: freepik.com

Honey is a great moisturizer and helps to keep the skin well-hydrated. Honey’s anti-bacterial properties help to ward off infections and also reduce blemishes and acne at home. Honey ensures spotless skin. It is rich in bleaching properties and helps in fading of the pigmentation and scars.

How To Use Honey for your Skin?

You can directly apply honey on your face and neck area but ensure that your skin is clean and damp. Massage for a few minutes, allowing it to get absorbed by the skin. Now, wash off with lukewarm water.

3. Olive Oil (Skin Type- Dry)

Olive oil in a bowl

Olive oil acts as an antioxidant for the skin. It helps in preventing early ageing of the skin. Putting olive oil on the skin after exposure to the sun is known to fight cancer-causing cells. Olive oil is known to repair skin damage. It’s not only great for the skin but also gives it a nice shiny glow.

How To Use Olive Oil for your Skin

Every night before hitting the bed, take a few drops of olive oil and apply them all over your face and neck. Massage in an upward direction for about two to three minutes. Now, dip a towel in warm water, squeeze off the excess water and place it on your face and neck for about a minute. Dip the towel again in warm water and use it to gently wipe off the excess oil on the face and neck. Now, with another clean towel dry off the face and neck area. You should also include this step in your monsoon skincare routine.

4. Orange Juice (Skin Type- All)

orange juice benefits

Oranges are known to be brimming with Vitamin C and can help in detoxification. A glassful of orange juice daily helps to clean the complexion and rejuvenate the skin in no time. Thanks to its Vitamin C and citric acid content, orange also helps to control acne and gives firmness to the skin.

How To Use Orange Juice for your Skin?

So, make it a regular practice to squeeze a few oranges each morning. Add a pinch of salt and some black pepper to this freshly made juice and gulp it down along with other regular breakfast items. Alternatively, you can also take a few pieces of orange peel and grind it with a few drops of rose water to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste all over your face and rise after 15 minutes with cool water.

4. Milk (Skin Type- Oily, Acne Prone and Dry)

Tyrosine, the melanin controlling hormone leads to the darkening of the skin. Milk controls the level of Tyrosine in the skin and promotes a skin full of glow. Raw milk is one of the easiest accessible ingredients for getting good looking skin.

How To Use Milk for your Skin

You can apply raw milk to your skin or mix it with any other ingredients and form a paste.

5. Besan (Skin Types-All)

Image Source: freepik.com

This has been a tried and tested agent in homes over the years. Besan hasn’t failed when the desire for healthier and shinier skin has come calling. Besan or gram flour acts as a natural exfoliator and helps in removing dead skin cells. you don’t need to buy fancy cosmetics or face packs off the shelves. Besan works wonders by bringing to the surface healthier and newer skin.

How To Use Besan for your Skin?

Besan is used by mixing it with water, milk or any other ingredients. It is applied like a pack on the skin. Sometimes, sugar is also added to help in exfoliation.

glowing skin

6. Cucumber (Skin Types- Acne-Prone, Dry & Sensitive)


Dry skin, chapped skin, dark circles? Include cucumbers not only in your diet but also in your beauty regimen. Cucumber has the same pH level as that of our skin. It helps in replenishing the skin’s protective layer, keeps the skin hydrated thus promoting glowing skin.

How To Use Cucumber for your Skin?

You can put slices of cucumber on your eyes as they show in all the magazines and televisions. You can also put cucumber in a mixer grinder and apply the juice.

Read More: 10 Health Benefits of Cucumber.

7. Papaya (Skin Type-Dry)

papaya benefits

This one comes with a secret beauty ingredient – papain. Not only is papain good for your liver but works wonders for your skin. This enzyme has skin lightening properties and can lighten blemishes and scars if applied to them. Papaya also acts as a gentle exfoliator and helps in removing inactive protein cells and dead skin cells. It gives wonderful results and keeps the skin looking young and healthy with a beautiful glow.

How To Use Papaya for your Skin?

Papaya can be put in a mixer grinder too and the paste can be applied generously on the skin.

8. Aloe Vera (Skin Types-All)

Aloe vera leaves & a Spoon of aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are good for our skin. Aloe Vera keeps skin glowing and soft. It also prevents acne. Aloe Vera application on sunburns helps in faster healing.

Aloe Vera application on the skin helps to keep skin hydrated, improves elasticity and prevents the development of wrinkles.

How To Use Aloe Vera for your Skin?

You can make aloe vera juice at home or add aloe vera gel to smoothies and other drinks. It can also be applied directly to the skin. Gently scrape out aloe gel from the leaves and apply it to your skin. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse your skin with cool water and pat dry.

9. Lemon (Skin Type- Oily & Acne Prone Skin)

lemon benefits

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It boosts collagen production, maintaining the elasticity of the skin. It also helps to lighten our skin tone and moisturize our skin. It works amazingly on darkened knees and elbows.

Lemons are antibacterial and prevent infections and acne. They also detox our bodies.

How To Use Lemons for your Skin?

Drinking a glass of lemonade every day boosts immunity, detoxifies our body and keeps our skin glowing and hydrated.

If you wish to apply lemon on your skin, please perform a patch test initially.  Make a solution of lemon juice and water in the ratio of  2:3 and gently apply to your skin using cotton. Leave for 10 minutes and wash with cool water. Then pat dry.

You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to other homemade face masks.

10. Yoghurt (Skin Type- All)

Yoghurt is rich in lactic acid which is good for our skin. Yoghurt moisturizes our skin and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in reducing tan and dark circles. It improves skin elasticity and keeps it glowing.

Yoghurt also helps in soothing sunburns. It prevents the development of acne.

How To Use Yoghurt for your Skin?

Consuming yoghurt is good for our skin. You can also apply it directly on the skin using cotton, leave for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash with cold water.

Yoghurt can also be used on our skin by making a variety of face packs. Ingredients like lemon, oats, honey, etc. can be used to make face packs with yoghurt.

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11. Oats (Skin Types-All)

Oats work as an efficient anti-tanning agent and helps lighten the skin tone. They are amazing exfoliators.

Oats are also rich in zinc which is important for fighting off pimples. Oats help to absorb the excess oil on the skin and are an essential part of acne treatments.
They also help to treat dry and itchy skin as beta-glucans present in them help to moisturize the skin. 

How To Use Oats for your Skin?

Mix around 2 tablespoons of oats with 3 tablespoons of yoghurt. Add around half a lemon to it and mix well. Apply this paste on your skin and leave for 10 to 15  minutes. Later wash with cold water and pat dry.

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12. Almonds (Skin Type-All)

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. Regular massage with almond oil keeps our skin glowing and healthy. It also prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

It moisturizes our skin and keeps it acne-free. It also helps in reducing stretch marks and dark circles.

How To Use Almonds for your Skin?

You can crush soaked almonds in milk and blend well to form a paste. Apply on the skin and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash with cold water and pat dry. You can also massage your skin with almond oil for 5 to 10 minutes every day, for younger-looking skin.

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13. Coconut Oil (Skin Type-Dry, Normal-Dry)

Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. It reduces inflammation and does wonders for almost all skin types. It is an excellent moisturizer, cleanser and sunscreen. It keeps our skin acne-free.

How To Use Coconut Oil for your Skin?

Regular massage with lukewarm coconut oil keeps our skin glowing and healthy.

Read More: 11 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil.

14. Banana (Skin Type- Dry)

Bananas are great for our skin. They are rich in potassium, vitamin A and B, etc. They hydrate and moisturize our skin. They also have powerful anti-ageing effects. They help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Bananas are great for treating acne and pimples. They also help in treating acne scars and pigmentation.

How To Use Banana for your Skin?

Mash a banana, apply on your skin and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash with lukewarm water. You can also make a facemask using 1 ripe banana, 1 tsp honey and lemon juice.

Banana peels also help in lightening our skin tone and dark circles. Gently rub banana peels on your skin. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash with water. Pat dry.

15. Saffron (Skin Type-Sensitive & Oily)

Saffron is excellent for our skin. It helps in lightening the skin tone and makes it glowy. It is effective in treating acne, blemishes and blackheads. Saffron makes our skin smooth and lightens dark circles.

How To Use Saffron for your Skin?

Add a few strands of saffron in water and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Then add this water to milk or honey or turmeric for making different types of face masks. Apply on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash with cold water. Pat dry.

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You may also explore the benefits of products with AHA, BHA in a mild concentration for a healthy glow. They offer additional benefits, including skin tone and gentle exfoliation, if used correctly.

Activities That Can Dampen Your Glow

  • Body Lotion

Many people are in the habit to reach out to their bottle of body lotion when they run out of their face cream or in general just keep one product on their shelf and use it all over thinking that all skin care products have the same application and make. But this is not the case. 

Body lotions are thicker and oilier. They are formulated for your body which also tends to sweat more and so it is more fragrant. Using body lotion as face cream can lead to breakouts or allergic reactions and can make the skin look oily. Always use a face cream that is more gently and less fragrant. 

Check out the best range of body lotions & moisturizers – here

  • Sugar

Sugar is often used as a home remedy for glowing skin in various kinds of scrubs such as your lips and the rest of your body. But this is best avoided as sugar particles tend to be larger and more abrasive causing micro-tears. 

  • Hot Water

Hot water is not advised for washing your hair as it can increase hair fall and also make the scalp dry. Similarly, hot water is not good for your skin as it can reduce natural moisture and might even cause scalding. You can use lukewarm water or a steam facial to open up your pores and enhance the glow. 

  • Toothpaste

Some people use toothpaste to cover up zits or remove blackheads as skin hacks but this is highly counter-productive as toothpaste can aggravate your zit and cause allergies. 

  • Soap

We have all used soap on our face some time or the other to clean it. The logic being the same as that of using body lotion, all skincare products are the same!

Where face washes are formulated to b mild and only remove excess oils from your face, soap can be harsh and strip your skin of natural oils. While soap is perfectly fine for use on the rest of your body, stick to gentle cleansers for your face only!

  • Baking Soda

Another skin hack to get rid of breakouts often employed by the adventurous is the use of baking soda. But beware, baking soda can strip your skin of its pH balance which is very important to safeguard your skin from bacteria and germs. Baking soda is alkaline and the use of it on the face is not at all recommended by skincare experts. 

Skin care routine that is simple, easy and sustainable to follow for a long period of time is important. Do not get impacted by the influencers and keep trying every new product on your skin. If you are concerned, its best to consult a dermatologist and follow the prescribed routine.

Dr. Arpit Verma, MBBS, MD

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Everyday Home Activities to give you that much-wanted glow

Some simple activities at home can also boost your skin quality with surprising efficacy. 

  • Sleeping

The primary activity to help you achieve that flawless look is getting regular and restful sleep. These days we hardly get undisturbed sleep. Restless sleep and that too for a few hours only affects your skin negatively. When you sleep, your cells are able to flush out the toxins that are produced during the day. This ensures that you wake up with refreshed and plush skin. Sleep experts recommend 7 – 8 hours of sleep every day for optimal brain function and improved health.

  • Stay hydrated

Another important activity to keep your skin looking gorgeous is to stay hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water daily, apart from other fluids, since proper hydration is essential for healthy and glowing skin. 

  • Exercise regularly

Lastly, any kind of regular, daily exercise goes a long way towards boosting your skin condition. It helps you to stay fit, boosts your heart health and blood circulation and is vital for maintaining an overall healthy body. Remember, your skin is the largest and most nutrient-hungry organ in your body, these activities can help you to properly take care of it! 

These natural remedies are beneficial both individually and together. You can easily pair some of them up, churn out a paste and apply it to your skin. Instead of reaching out to harmful creams that promise you the world and fair skin like white paper, delve into your house and get a hold of all these natural ingredients.

So, which remedy are you trying out today!

Wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or above is very important for glowing skin can prevent skin cancer. Keeping your skin shielded from harmful UV rays also guards against photoaging, which is the process of skin aging. Make sure to apply a product with sunscreen every morning, even on days when it’s raining or the sky is overcast.

Dr. M.G. Kartheeka, MBBS, MD


Can the application of turmeric cause side effects on my skin?

Yes, in some people it can. Around the world and for many centuries, people have been using turmeric for a variety of skin problems for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Raw turmeric pasted or grounded has been used profusely across Indian households to treat common conditions such as boils, burns, bruises, blisters, eczema, herpes, insect bite, wounds and so on. However, those rare few with very sensitive skin may be allergic to turmeric and can experience reactions such as inflammation, scaly skin, burning, soreness or itching combined with redness. To avoid this, it is advised you carry out a small patch test on the back of your palm.

What to apply to the skin in case of sunburn?

Out of all the household ingredients mentioned above, aloe vera is the most effective for tackling mild sunburn. Aloe vera comprises 19 out of 20 essential amino acids which help to soften hardened skin cells. further, it boosts collagen production to maintain elasticity and dryness and prevents skin flakiness and peeling that commonly follows after sunburn. Aloe vera helps to soothe irritated skin after sunburn while simultaneously moisturising it. To treat sunburn at home, you can either use aloe vera gel procured from the leaf of the plant at home or you can purchase 100% aloe vera gel from the pharmacy. In case of severe sunburn, consult a dermatologist.

What diet should I follow for glowing skin?

One of the best ways to get glowing skin is by following a healthy diet.To do this you need to:
Consume five portions of fruits and veggies daily 
Eat enough vitamin c enriched foods such as papayas, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, guava, sweet potatoes and blueberries to get your share of antioxidants 
Avoid crash diets that lead to sagging skin marked by wrinkles and stretch marks.
Get selenium into your system which is a type of antioxidant available in foods such as shellfish, eggs, Brazilian nuts and wheat germ.
Try to incorporate vitamin e into your diet from avocados, hazel nuts, pine nuts and almonds.
Consume omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid-enriched foods such as fish, chia seeds and walnuts.
Eat more phytoestrogens which you can find in tofu and soya.

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Know your current health status?

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational/awareness purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional and should not be relied upon to diagnose or treat any medical condition. The reader should consult a registered medical practitioner to determine the appropriateness of the information and before consuming any medication. PharmEasy does not provide any guarantee or warranty (express or implied) regarding the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of the information; and disclaims any liability arising thereof.
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