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Nice and want to learn more about these exercises. Please help. Thank you.

Gayetri Solanki

Thank you. Please stay tuned for more such articles.



Shady Ouma

I am happy with your advice and I will follow the steps thank you.


You are most welcome. Hope you found it useful.

Dr ravi nath

Great article thanks for sharing this great article

Ashir Sahal

You are most welcome, glad you liked it.


Thank you so much

Ashir Sahal

You are most welcome. Stay tuned for more informative articles.


Thanks for helping me. I follow all the steps too.

Ashir Sahal

You are most welcome.


Thank you for this great piece of advice

Ashir Sahal

You are most welcome. Glad you liked it.


I was suggested this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him
as no one else knows such details about my difficulty.
You’re incredible! Thanks!

Shreya Gupta

You are most welcome. Glad you liked it.


my penis size is 6 inches at the age of 32 is this a good size . Can u suggest me more for enlarging my penis?


Do i have to use lubricant for thumb and index finger exercise


That’s amazing! Thanks a lot

Ashir Sahal

You are most welcome. Glad you liked it.

Joseph Dapliah

At what time can you see chenges starting from day of jelqing mayby twice a day


OK i will follow this exercises daily

Ezekiel Wangi John

Very interesting


Thank you! I really needed that.


Hello due to my penis size and not long-lasting on bed i am facing Lots of issues in my wedding life can u pls suggest me some medicine for natural growth and stamina without side effects

Jhay Castro

Very good information. Thanks alot



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5 Exercises To Increase Penis Size

By Dr. Nikita Toshi +2 more

Most men have the ego that the bigger your penis is, the better your sexual life would be. The truth is most women like their partners to have a longer and thicker penis. So how do you increase penis size? Penis stretching is the process of using hands or devices to increase penis length. Is it really possible that this could happen? Well, this article will give you an insight into this topic backed by recent research.

how to increase penis size

Did You Know?

  • The average erect penis size in the United States is approximately 5.16 inches. Source: NCBI
  • The average flaccid penis size in the United States is approximately 3.61 inches. Source: NCBI
  • Only 2.28% of men in the United States have an erect penis size larger than 6.69 inches. Source: NCBI
  • Penis size does not determine sexual satisfaction or performance. Source: NCBI.Penis size dissatisfaction is common among men, regardless of their actual size. Source: NCBI
  • There is no significant correlation between race or ethnicity and penis size in the United States. Source: NCBI

Facts about Penis Size

Most men want to have a lengthy penis leaving them with an ego that scales their thought process overtime. So, does penis size matter? Did you know that most women aren’t really bothered about how long your penis is. Here are some interesting facts that you need to know about penis size. 

  • Most women are satisfied with whatever size of their partner’s penis, while men aren’t. However, the thickness of the penis matters for women. 
  • Most men believe that they have a smaller penis.
  • The average length of your penis measures 5.1 to 6.3 cms long. 
  • The average thickness of a penis is 4.7 cms. 

Penis Size Chart

An earlier study of Indian male penis sizes revealed interesting insights into variations. While individual preferences vary, understanding the average male penis size can provide context to such studies.

Average LengthAverage Stretched LengthAverage Circumference
Flaccid8.21 cm or 3.3 in10.88 cm or 4.28 in9.14 cm or 3.6 in
Erect13.1 cm or 5.1 in11.46 cm or 4.5 in

Data from a survey of more than 1500 Indian men

LengthPercentage of Indian men in the survey
3 inches or less3.76%
3-5 inches32.49%
5-6 inches38.84%
6-7 inches16.69%
7-9 inches7.31%
9-12 inches0.78%

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What is Penis Stretching? 

Still wondering how to get a bigger penis? You can give penis stretching a try!  Penis stretching is a process of using different approaches to increase penis length such as using hands or enlargement devices. Does this method really work? Well, yes it is a mere reality that it does. However, most sexologists state that it is the width of a penis that women crave for than its length. 

5 Exercises To Increase Penis Size

Penis stretching exercises can help you achieve this naturally. One simple home remedy is by massaging your penis gently using lubricants  If you’re wondering how to increase penis size, here are some penis exercises that will help you make your penis big and enjoy sexual authority over your partner. 

1. Massage Exercise

In this type of manual exercise, lubricant is applied to the penis and massaged gently. This exercise is intended to stretch the skin of your penis which will thereby aid in the enlargement of the penis. You need to repeatedly do this in order to achieve faster results. 

2. Penis Pump Exercise

This stretching device needs to be attached to the penis and it will create immediate erection. This is usually prescribed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

How To Use

Here’s what you need to follow:

  • Firstly, apply lubricant on penis to avoid irritation. 
  • Place the tube over your penis. 
  • Turn on the pump and it will take a few minutes for an erection to happen. 

NOTE: When the pump is turned on, you will be able to ejaculate quickly like you’ve never thought of. This will eventually lead to enlargement of penis.

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3. Jelqing Exercise

This is the most common form of exercise among men. It helps in thickening of the penis. In order to increase penis size, it is recommended that you do it at least once everyday. It also helps in better erection that can benefits a healthy sex life. 

How To Do?

Here is how you do it: 

  • Place both hands on the penis and gently move it from top to bottom. 
  • Consider preheating the penis before it errects. 

4. Stretching Exercise

This exercise is similar to milking a cow. It is one of the best exercises that can aid in faster results. This is a kind of jelqing exercise, but it uses only your thumb and index finger. 

How To Do?

  • Use your thumb and index finger to slide the skin from top to bottom.
  • Do it for 20 minutes. (Make sure you do not masturbate). 
  • If there is erection, let the penis relax and continue after 5 minutes.
  • Repeat this exercise for at least 20 minutes everyday. 

5. Kegel Exercise

This exercise is best suited during the time of sexual intercourse. It is a kind of massaging exercise where you will have to use your hands to gently massage the penis before intercourse. This exercise helps in increasing penis size and thickness. 

How To Do?

Here is how you do it:

  • Hold the penis with one hand and gently rub it. 
  • Let loose if there is an erection. 

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Do Enlargement Pills Increase Penis Size? 

There are many pills out there in the market that aid in the enlargement of penis size. These pills contain vitamins, minerals and herbs that are natural and can leave you with a long-lasting sensation on the bed as well as helps minute tissues of your penis tear, thus stretching it and increasing its length. 

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Penis Enlargement Surgery

A penise enlargement surgery consists of two ways such as: 

  • Borrowing fat cells from other parts of the body to increase penis length and width.
  • Cutting of the ligament that holds the penis. This will make it look longer. 

Increasing the width of your penis is similar to that of increasing length of penis. It’s just that some men prefer thick or long penis. The surgery for increasing penis length is one year and the result would be an average increase of 2 or more cms from your usual size. 

On the contrary, the other type of surgery that can increase penis length involves cutting of a ligament that holds the penis. If a surgeon cuts this ligament, there will be changes in the nagle of the penis, thereby making it look longer. The average length that can increase after undergoing this surgery is 2 cms.

NOTE: In order to know more about increasing penis size, get in touch with a sexologist. He/she will guide you regarding surgery involved in increasing penis size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When does a penis stop growing?

Your penis stops growing once you finish your puberty phase. However, it may vary from person to person. Usually, by the time you are 16 years old, your body and its parts should be close to your adult size.

Which foods are good for the penis?

You can have foods such as spinach, apples, avocados, carrots, oats and tomatoes, which boosts T-levels, sperm count and more.

Is penis enlargement surgery safe?

A penis enlargement surgery may add half an inch to the penis but does not change the actual length of the penis. Surgery can result in complications such as infection, scarring, and loss of sensation or function.

Does height affect penis size?

No, height does not have a direct impact on penis size. Penis size is primarily determined by genetic and hormonal factors during fetal development and puberty, while height is influenced by different genetic and environmental factors. The growth of the penis is mainly governed by hormones like testosterone, whereas height is influenced by hormones like growth hormone and IGF-1. Therefore, variations in height do not correlate with variations in penis size, and each individual’s body proportions are unique and unrelated to one another.

Is there a correlation between penis size and sexual performance?

Penis size alone does not determine sexual performance. Sexual satisfaction involves various factors, including emotional connection, communication, technique and understanding partner’s needs and desires.

Can a small penis size cause sexual difficulties or performance anxiety?

Some individuals may experience performance anxiety or low self-esteem related to their perceived penis size. These concerns can affect sexual confidence and satisfaction. Open communication with a partner and seeking professional support, such as counselling or therapy, can be helpful.

Can penis size affect fertility or sexual health?

Penis size generally does not affect fertility or sexual health. Fertility is determined by factors such as sperm quality and reproductive health. Sexual health is influenced by overall well-being, emotional connection, and practising safe and consensual sexual behaviours.

Can age affect penis size?

The size of the penis generally remains stable throughout adulthood. However, with age, men may experience a decrease in testosterone levels, which can lead to reduced sexual desire and erectile function. These changes are typically unrelated to actual penis size.

Can losing weight increase penis size?

Losing weight may not directly increase penis size, but it can affect the visibility of the penis. As excess weight is lost, the pubic fat pad may become less prominent, making the penis appear more visible and potentially giving the illusion of increased size.

Is penis size genetic?

Yes, penis size has a genetic component, with factors such as genetics and hormonal influences playing a role in determining an individual’s natural size. However, environmental factors and overall health can also influence development.

Does creatine increase penis size?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that creatine supplementation has any impact on penis size. Penis size is primarily determined by genetic and hormonal factors, while creatine is commonly used to enhance athletic performance and muscle strength.

Can apple juice grow your penis size?

There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that apple juice can influence penis size. Penis size is primarily determined by genetic and hormonal factors, and no specific food or drink has been proven to affect its growth.

What determines penis size?

Penis size is primarily determined by genetic factors, including the influence of hormones during fetal development. While genetics play a crucial role, environmental factors and overall health can also contribute to individual variations in penis size.

How to measure penis size?

To measure penis size accurately, use a ruler or measuring tape to measure from the base to the tip along the top side. Ensure the measurement is taken when the penis is fully erect for more reliable results.

Does testosterone increase penis size?

While testosterone plays a crucial role in sexual development, its impact on penis size during adulthood is limited. The growth of the penis primarily occurs during puberty, and testosterone influences overall sexual function rather than significant changes in size.

Do penis pumps increase size?

Penis pumps temporarily increase blood flow to the genital area, causing a temporary and modest size increase. However, the effects are not permanent, and the size change is typically temporary, diminishing after disuse.

How to make your penis bigger?

Achieving a larger penis size is challenging and often involves accepting one’s natural dimensions. Be cautious of products or methods claiming rapid results, as many lack scientific support. If concerned, consult a healthcare professional for advice on safe and evidence-based approaches.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational/awareness purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional and should not be relied upon to diagnose or treat any medical condition. The reader should consult a registered medical practitioner to determine the appropriateness of the information and before consuming any medication. PharmEasy does not provide any guarantee or warranty (express or implied) regarding the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of the information; and disclaims any liability arising thereof.

Links and product recommendations in the information provided here are advertisements of third-party products available on the website. PharmEasy does not make any representation on the accuracy or suitability of such products/services. Advertisements do not influence the editorial decisions or content. The information in this blog is subject to change without notice. The authors and administrators reserve the right to modify, add, or remove content without notification. It is your responsibility to review this disclaimer regularly for any changes.



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