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COVID Vaccination Drive

PharmEasy is partnering with vaccine manufacturers and hospitals/activation partners to run vaccine drives across various cities in India. Everyone above the age of 18 can register themselves and get vaccinated for COVID at our vaccination centres in their area.

Why register with PharmEasy?

By registering online with us, you can avoid crowded queues at vaccination centres. Also, we plan to block 80% of slots for pre-registered users, so early bird registration allows you early access to the available slots. We will follow the prices and guidelines shared by the government to serve you in the most transparent way possible. Your health is our top priority!

How to register for COVID-19 vaccine

Step 1

Share all your details above and register with us.

Step 2

You will receive a registration confirmation within 24 hours.

Step 3

Once slots open in your area, we will email/SMS you the available slot at a vaccination centre.

Step 4

Confirm the slot. Show this message at the vaccination centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cities will the vaccination camps be conducted in?

Pharmeasy has warehouses in the top 30 cities and partners in cities beyond that. It’ll use the entire network extensively to make sure we can provide vaccines to as many people as possible.

What’s the price of a vaccine per person?

We are working with the vaccine manufacturers to confirm the pricing. Once you register, we will keep you posted with all the updates about prices. Typically it will be divided into 2 parts - Vaccine price + administration charges.

Who will administer the vaccine?

The vaccine will be administered by trained medical staff (nurses, doctors etc) as per the govt. Guidelines.

What all infrastructure needs will be there from the corporate’s side?

The vaccination team will require 3 sections -
  1. Waiting area for candidates
  2. Vaccination room for inoculation
  3. Observation area with easy chairs placed in them

How many camps can you conduct in a city on a given day?

We are planning to build up an ample amount of capacity in every city. Please share the count of people you are looking to get vaccinated and we can revert with a plan


Please note that registering with us does not guarantee you a slot. You’ll be contacted once a vaccination centre opens up in your area. We are not charging any fee for online registration. You are free to register on other platforms / walk in to other vaccination centres, to avoid any further delay.

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