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Why Varicose Veins Surgery?

Embolization is the best surgical method to treat varicocele. The method is non-invasive and allows for your quick recovery from the ailment. The chances of recurrence of varicocele also get minimised after varicocele surgery.

 Here are the top reasons to choose PharmEasy for your varicocele treatment:

  • No cuts and stitches during the surgery
  • Short procedure- Only 30 minutes long
  • One-day procedure
  • No risk of recurrence
  • Precise and safe surgery by experienced doctors
  • No bleeding
  • Quick recovery- Join work or resume daily activities within 24 hours.

Varicose Veins Diagnosis and Treatment

A diagnosis of varicocele is necessary to determine an appropriate varicocele treatment option. The doctor will perform a physical check on the testicles to check for a mass that feels like varicocele. A semen analysis test might be recommended by your doctor to detect testosterone levels (made lower due to varicocele). The doctor might even recommend an imaging diagnostic test like a scrotal ultrasound to determine the presence of varicocele. Book your Varicocele surgery through PharmEasy SurgiCare. Our Care Expert will help you in getting your diagnostic tests done through PharmEasy.

Varicocele surgery is the best option to treat the ailment. Here are the varicocele surgery options that your doctor will recommend you:

  • Option 1 ยท Doctor Recommended

    Percutaneous Embolization

    This surgical procedure is painless and surgeons at PharmEasy use the latest technology to perform embolizations. This procedure treats varicocele by inserting a catheter tube through a small hole in the thigh. A solution or a coil is placed on the varicocele to divert the flow of blood and resume normal blood flow in the scrotum.

  • Option 2

    Laparoscopic surgery

    A small incision is made on the abdomen or on the upper thigh to close the blood flow in the affected varicocele veins. The blood flow is diverted to the unaffected veins so that normal blood flow resumes in the scrotum.

  • Option 3

    Open Surgery

    This surgical procedure is done under a general anaesthetic. The varicocele veins are accessed through an incision in the groin and closed. Normal blood flow resumes after the varicocele veins are closed.

Meaning of Varicocele

  • Symptoms of Varicocele

    Here are some of the common varicocele symptoms :

    • Lump in the testicles Varicocele causes the formation of lumps that can be felt on the scrotum. This is due to the enlargement and entanglement of veins.

    • Swollen scrotum A swollen scrotum is one of the major symptoms of varicocele. The overflow of blood in the scrotum causes the scrotum to swell and look larger than usual.

    • Pain in the scrotum There might be a dull pain felt on the scrotum caused by varicocele. Pain can worsen on exertion.

    • Visibly enlarged veins in the scrotum The veins in the scrotum can get visibly large and appear to be bulging if you are affected by varicocele

    • Infertility issues Varicocele can be a cause of low sperm count and infertility in some cases.

  • Causes of Varicocele

    The testicles contain a cord called the spermatic cord. It carries blood to and from the testicles. . The veins are supposed to carry blood only in one direction. However, if the valves in the vein do not function properly, it can lead to a backflow of blood in the region and cause varicocele

    although there are no other well-defined causes of varicocele, other than a disorder in the veins in the testicle. Puberty causes a sudden growth spurt in boys which leads to an increased blood flow in the testicles, this can lead to varicocele for some boys.

Varicocele is a disease that affects men since it refers to the enlargement of veins around testicles. Varicocele is a disorder of the veins inside the scrotum (sack holding the testicles). This disorder causes the scrotum to look enlarged since the veins get twisted and appear swollen due to the pooling of blood in the area. A varicocele often feels like a non-tender mass above the testicles. 

Varicocele is a disorder that generally affects men entering their teenage. The disease can cause pain in the testicles and also affect sperm production or the shrinking of the testicles. Do not worry, varicocele can be treated very easily with varicocele surgery.

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Zubin ScrewalaMumbai
Exceptional service from PharmEasy. They took care of all the diagnostic tests, transportation facilities and post-surgery care. It was a comfortable experience to get my surgery done through PharmEasy.
Achinta MathreMumbai
I am grateful to PharmEasy for getting my surgery done at one of the best hospitals in Mumbai. The cost of surgery was discounted and the service was amazing. The Care Expert support from PharmEasy is what makes me recommend the service to everyone.
Joy FrancisMumbai
My 15-year-old son had to undergo varicocele surgery and I opted to get it done through PharmEasy. The surgeons handled the surgery very efficiently and the surgery was painless. PharmEasy offers great service at affordable rates.
Kanishka GovindMumbai
Go for surgery through PharmEasy SurgiCare. Amazing care before and after my surgery. They handled my check-in, check-out and all paperwork for my insurance. A big thanks to PharmEasy!
V.V. KartikMumbai
I received superb discounts from PharmEasy while getting my varicocele surgery done. They arranged for my surgery in a great hospital and the EMI option helped me pay for my surgery with ease. Go for PharmEasy to get your surgery at renowned hospitals at affordable rates.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does varicocele affect fertility?

    Generally, a varicocele may not affect fertility in every person, however, it may cause infertility and low sperm count in some cases.

  • Can varicocele be treated without surgery?

    Varicocele in some cases may not require surgery, but the best treatment option for varicocele is varicocele surgery. Untreated cases may progress to complications like infertility. Book a painless varicocele surgery from PharmEasy.

  • Why is varicocele common on the left side?

    The blood flow on the left scrotum is greater because there is a lack of valves between the left testicular vein and the left renal vein entering the testicles, making it easier for the varicocele to affect the area.

  • Is varicocele surgery painful?

    No. The embolization surgery for varicocele treatment is a painless procedure.

  • What is the recovery period post-surgery?

    You will recover within 24 hours of getting your embolization surgery.

  • Can I resume exercise after varicocele surgery?

    Yes. You can resume light exercises after 2 weeks of getting your surgery. Consult your doctor to know when you should exactly resume exercise.

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