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Why Circumcision Surgery for Phimosis?

Phimosis is a disorder that requires immediate treatment and the best way to treat it is through surgery. A surgery removes any chances of recurrence of this disorder and completely treats it.

Here is why you should opt for a ZSR circumcision phimosis surgery from PharmEasy:

  • The procedure is minimally-invasive
  • Surgery completed within 15-20 minutes
  • Painless procedure- with the use of anaesthesia
  • Short stay at the hospital
  • No stitches, wounds or scars after surgery
  • Quick recovery so that you can resume work from the next day
  • No need for a daily dressing after surgery
  • The procedure has very minimal to no bleeding
  • No sexual dysfunction after the completion of the surgery
  • Protection against sexually transmitted diseases

Phimosis Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis to detect phimosis is done by the doctor before a treatment option is suggested. The diagnosis involves a thorough questioning by the doctor to learn about injuries, infections and even sexual activity. A physical examination of the penis is also done by the doctor, which involves a visual inspection. A urine analysis test might also be suggested to check for any urinary tract infections, causing phimosis. You can easily avail of doctors consultations and diagnostic tests if you book your circumcision surgery through PharmEasy.

Here are some of the surgical options that can be suggested to you by the doctor:

  • Option 1 ยท Doctor Recommended

    Circumcision (removal of the foreskin)

    1. ZSR Circumcision This is a modern technique of circumcision done by PharmEasy. The procedure is minimally invasive and a stapler like-device is used to seal the circumcision cut after the removal of the foreskin. It is a fast procedure that does not involve any major incisions and is relatively painless for the patient. There is minimal loss of blood during the surgery.

    2. Laser Circumcision Laser circumcision involves the removal of the foreskin with the help of a precise laser beam instead of traditional surgical tools. The method is very effective for adult males and reduces the chances of post-surgery pain or stitches.

    3. Open Circumcision This is the traditional surgical method of foreskin removal. The skin is removed with an incision and the area is then stitched.

  • Option 2


    This is a surgical method of phimosis treatment, generally done on children. An incision is made on the foreskin and it is pulled back and the wound is stitched.

  • Option 3


    In this method, a small incision is made on the frenulum (a small tissue connecting the foreskin and the head of the penis). The foreskin is then pulled back and the wound is stitched.

What is Phimosis?

  • Symptoms of Phimosis

    Here are some of the common phimosis symptoms :

    • Tight foreskin The foreskin is very tight around the head of the penis and is wound very tightly near the tip like a rubberband. This is the most telltale sign of phimosis.

    • Itchiness Phimosis may cause a lot of itchiness in the affected area especially where the skin tightens the most around the head of the penis.

    • Redness and swelling The condition often causes redness and swelling in the affected area.

    • Buildup of fluid Phimosis can also lead to the buildup of white and thick fluid in the affected area.

    • Pain during urination Another major sign of phimosis is a sensation of pain and burning during urination.

    • Pain during erection A person can experience pain during the erection of the penis.

  • Causes of Phimosis

    Phimosis only affects uncircumcised males. Here are the most prominent causes of phimosis:

    • Phimosis during infancy This is normal for male infants to have tightness in the foreskin of their penis, this usually starts to get loose after 2 years and is still attached to the head of the penis till the age of 3. The foreskin detaches naturally between the ages of 3 to 6 but if it does not happen, it can cause discomfort and other symptoms of phimosis.

    • Urinary tract infections Repeated urinary tract infections in boys or men can lead to the development of this disorder.

    • Foreskin infections Infections in the foreskin can lead to phimosis.

    • Rough handling of the foreskin If the foreskin is handled roughly and causes irritation, then it might lead to infections that cause phimosis.

    • Trauma Trauma like injuries to the foreskin can lead to the development of this disorder.

    • Skin conditions Skin conditions like eczema (skin becomes itchy and dry) or lichen planus (an itchy rash that spreads across the body) can also be a cause of phimosis.

Phimosis is a condition that affects males. It is a condition where the foreskin (the skin covering the head of the penis) cannot be retracted down. The skin is very tight around the head of the penis and can cause pain when it is tried to be pulled down. 

Phimosis is very common in male children under the age of 3 who are uncircumcised (the foreskin not removed). It can occur naturally and makes it difficult to urinate. Phimosis can present its symptoms after the age of 16-17 years in males.

The foreskin of the penis is attached to the head of the penis in children till the age of 3 but it naturally starts to detach. However, if it does not detach, then it can cause problems in urination and also cause pain. This is what is known as phimosis. The easiest method to treat phimosis is through phimosis operation. The procedures are very safe and ensure that the person is not affected by phimosis again.

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Ritesh PandeyMumbai
I am grateful to PharmEasy as they conducted a very efficient phimosis surgery on my six-year-old son. The surgery went great and he did not feel much pain at all. The doctors handled him very well and the procedure was very comfortable.
Bhaskar LalwaniMumbai
I would recommend anyone to go for phimosis surgery through PharmEasy. They use a ZSR circumcision method that is almost painless and I could rejoin daily activities at the earliest. The Care Expert was very helpful and took care of transportation before and after the surgery.
Omi VaidyaMumbai
Superb service from SurgiCare by PharmEasy. All the hassles of paperwork at hospitals are handled by Care Expert. I had a smooth procedure and there was no difference in sexual activity even after the procedure. Thank you PharmEasy!
Dinesh ChourasiaMumbai
A very cost-effective way to get your surgery done. I opted for PharmEasy SurgiCare and got great discounts and an EMI option.
John F. BagulMumbai
The way PharmEasy handles patients is amazing. The Care Expert takes care of all diagnostic tests, transportation and paperwork procedures at the hospital. The surgery itself was done using advanced methods that ensured minimal bleeding. I recovered very quickly and I have to thank PharmEasy for that.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there any pain after ZSR circumcision surgery?

    There is very minimal to almost no pain after ZSR circumcision surgery.

  • What type of circumcision should I go for to treat phimosis?

    You should go for the surgical procedure recommended to you by the doctor. The simplest and most hassle-free procedure is the ZSR circumcision.

  • Does circumcision affect penis sensitivity or sexual activity?

    The surgery does not affect penis sensitivity that much. Adults can feel a little less sensitive if they were used to a foreskin. However, there is no effect on the sexual activity and it can be performed as usual.

  • Can the foreskin be retracted forcefully if one has phimosis?

    The foreskin should not be removed forcefully at all and you should consult a doctor at the earliest. Book your phimosis treatment through PharmEasy to avail the best medical care.

  • How long does it take for a ZSR Circumcision to be completed?

    It takes approximately 15-20 minutes for the circumcision surgery to be completed.

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