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Why a Hydrocele Surgery?

Hydrocele surgery is the most effective treatment method for the disorder. Other treatment methods might leave a chance for recurrence whereas surgery reduces the chances of serious complications and recurrence to a great extent.

Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for hydrocele surgery through PharmEasy SurgiCare:

  • The Open surgery with Laser procedure of hydrocele surgery takes only 10 minutes to complete
  • There is no risk of recurrence
  • You can resume your daily activities and work within 2 days of surgery
  • Discharge on the same day as the surgery
  • Single-incision surgery
  • Painless procedure
  • There is no blood loss in the surgery
  • Minimal chance of infection
  • One day hospital stay

Hydrocele Diagnosis and Treatment

The doctor performs a thorough diagnosis of your symptoms to suggest a treatment for hydrocele. The diagnosis involves an initial clinical examination of the enlarged scrotum understand the level of the tenderness of the hydrocele. To check for infections the doctor might even recommend a blood and urine test. The doctor might even suggest an ultrasound test to image the area and rule out other possible causes for swelling around scrotum. You do not have to worry about the hassles of getting various doctors consultations and diagnostic tests when you book your hydrocele surgery through PharmEasy SurgiCare.

Here are the surgical options that your doctor might recommend to you:

  • Option 1 ยท Doctor Recommended


    This method of hydrocele treatment is the least invasive procedure for hydrocele treatment. The fluid is drained from the sac and it is done through the injection of a solution that reroutes the fluid to be absorbed by the body.

  • Option 2

    Needle Drainage

    The doctor injects a needle in this procedure and drains the excess fluid from the sac. This procedure is also minimally invasive and does not cause scarring. However, there are chances of recurrence.

  • Option 3

    Laser Assisted Surgery

    There is an incision made on the scrotum or the lower abdomen to surgically remove the fluid and the sac is everted so there is no recurrence in future. The fluid is drained with a tube and the incision is stitched shut.

What is the meaning of hydrocele?

  • Hydrocele Symptoms

    Here are some of the common symptoms of hydrocele:

    • Swollen scrotum This is the most visible and common symptom of hydrocele. The scrotum looks very swollen and bulges more than usual.

    • The Heaviness of the scrotum Hydrocele can also cause a very heavy feeling in the scrotum and it descends more than usual.

    • Pain in the scrotum This is a very rare symptom of hydrocele. The symptom can occur if the hydrocele disrupts the testicles and causes them to twist. This can be a very painful symptom.

  • Causes of Hydrocele

    Hydrocele only affects uncircumcised males. Here are the most prominent causes of hydrocele:

    • Infection Infections in the testicles can lead to the formation of hydrocele.

    • Tumours If the testicle is affected by tumours then the formation of hydrocele is possible.

    • Injury Injuries to the scrotum or the testicles can lead to the formation of hydrocele.

    • Fluid retention If the body is retaining more fluids in the lower portion due to some disorder, it can lead to the formation of hydrocele in the scrotum.

    • Hydrocele after birth Infants can be born with a hydrocele if the sac is not properly closed or the fluid in the sac in the scrotum does not get properly absorbed by the body.

Hydrocele is a condition where a sac filled with fluid forms around the testicle inside the scrotum (sack containing the testicles). This disorder generally affects male infants. Before birth, a male child’s testicles descend from the abdomen. Each testicle is surrounded by a sac that contains fluid. When the testicles descend the sac closes off and the fluid is absorbed. When this fails to happen, it results in hydrocele.

However, hydrocele can also affect older men (generally over the age of 40). 

There can be two types of hydrocele:

  • Noncommunicating- The sac near the testicles closes but the fluid is not absorbed by the body.

  • Communicating- This occurs when the sac surrounding the testicle does not close properly and the fluid flows in and out.

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Hear from our customers

Mohan ApteMumbai
I am grateful to PharmEasy for making the procedure of hydrocele surgery so simple. The sclerotherapy took only 10 minutes to get completed and I was back home within a few hours. I received doctors consultations after my surgery too. Brilliant service from PharmEasy SurgiCare!
Mohsin LaskarMumbai
The Care Expert service from PharmEasy made my life so easy. The Care Expert handled all diagnostic tests, schedules, paperwork and even arranged for transportation before and after the hydrocele surgery. Never experienced such an amazing hospital experience before. I highly recommend PharmEasy SurgiCare to other people.
Shivam ScrewallaMumbai
I received amazing discounts from PharmEasy for my hydrocele surgery. I could pay through an EMI option which made it very easy for me to get my surgery from one of the best hospitals in Mumbai.
Mazen WadiaMumbai
Very efficient surgery performed by the surgeons. The total surgery time was only 10 minutes and I felt no pain and recovered within 2 days. Great service PharmEasy!
Siddhant PradhanMumbai
I am very happy with my experience with PharmEasy. The booking procedure for the hydrocele surgery was simple and the Care Expert handled the rest. The Care Expert took care of the diagnostic test scheduling, doctors consultations and even paperwork at the hospital. The best part for me was when Care Expert even took care of all transportation to and from the hospital. Amazing service from PharmEasy, and I recommend this to everyone.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the best treatment option for hydrocele?

    The best treatment option for hydrocele treatment is laser assisted surgery. Laser assisted surgery with eversion of the sac is the best method and only takes 10 minutes to complete.

  • Can I exercise after hydrocele surgery?

    You can exercise after 1 week of hydrocele surgery. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before trying to exercise post-surgery.

  • How long does it take to recover from a Laser assisted hydrocele surgery?

    It takes only 1-2 days to recover from hydrocele surgery.

  • How long does it take to complete a laser hydrocelectomy?

    This procedure takes approximately 15-20 mins to get completed.

  • Can a hydrocele recur after surgery?

    No, if eversion of the sac is done along with drainage of fluid then chances of recurrence are negligible.

  • What are the home remedies to cure hydrocele?

    Doctors will never advise trying any home remedy- Eg. application of any herb/lotion on swelling can do more harm than good. Avoid any strenuous physical activity and consult your doctor for the right treatment that suits your condition.

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