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Why Fistula Surgery?

Fistula surgery is the only option for the treatment of this ailment. Fistulotomy is the most effective method of fistula treatment surgery as the surgery is completed within a day and requires very little to heal from. To get a fistula surgery done with advanced technology in the least amount of time, book your surgery through PharmEasy.

You can be assured that your PharmEasy surgery will include these:

  • A procedure with minimal pain.
  • Advanced technology is used for accurate and quick surgeries.
  • Minimal to no bleeding after a procedure.
  • The recurrence rate after surgery is minimal.
  • Surgery is done by doctors with over 7 years of surgical experience.
  • Cuts and stitches are avoided to the maximum possible extent.

Anal Fistula Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Your fistula treatment is suggested by a doctor after a diagnosis of the symptoms. A doctor initially performs an external analysis of the anus and the surrounding skin through visual inspection. The doctor performs further procedures for diagnosing anal fistulas, like an anoscopy. This procedure involves imaging the internal part of the anus with the help of a device. The doctor can also perform diagnostic tests like an ultrasound, X-ray, CT-Scan, MRI and blood tests too.

Anal fistula surgery is the only way to effectively treat the ailment. Here are some surgical options that can be recommended by your doctor:

  • Option 1 · Doctor Recommended

    Laser fistula surgery

    This is a painless procedure where the fistula is shut with the help of a laser. A laser beam is used to destroy the abnormal lining of the fistula and complete the removal of any infection in that region. This promotes healing in the region of the fistula. This surgery is very effective in a majority of anal fistula cases.

  • Option 2


    Fistulotomy is the most common surgical method for the treatment of anal fistula. This procedure helps the fistula heal from the inside out by opening it up and removing the entire lining of the tunnel(anal fistula) along with the infected tissues. It heals like a scar. This surgery takes very little time and is a very effective option for fistula treatment.

  • Option 3

    Seton placement

    This anal fistula surgery is suggested by a doctor when the fistula may require a drainage channel post-surgery. A drainage tube is placed to drain any fluids that may build up after the anal fistula surgery. Once the fluid drainage stops, the seton (drainage tube) is removed and the area is allowed to heal completely.

  • Option 4

    Advancement flap procedure

    The surgery is performed when the fistula passes through the anal sphincter muscle. The fistula is removed during surgery and the area is replaced with tissues taken from another part of the anus to promote healing.

  • Option 5

    LIFT procedure

    Ligation of the intersphincteric fistula tract (LIFT) is an option only when a fistulotomy is risky for the patient. The fistula is sealed at both ends in the surgery.

  • Option 6

    Endoscopic ablation

    This anal fistula surgery seals the fistula with the help of electrodes passed through a device inserted through the anus. This process is very effective and requires no incisions.

  • Option 7

    Fibrin glue

    The fistula is sealed shut with the help of surgical glue to control its growth.

  • Option 8

    Bioprosthetic plug

    An external plug is applied to the anal fistula, which blocks the internal opening. This treatment method is simple and effective.

What is a Fistula?

  • Symptoms of Fistula

    Here are some indicators of anal fistula that you should keep in mind:

    • Foul smell from the anal region The fistula causes a passage to form between the anal glands and the skin which appears as a tiny hole externally. This is accompanied by a foul-smelling liquid discharge from the hole.

    • Pain in the anus region An anal fistula causes pain around the anus region along with discomfort.

    • Swelling in the anal region The anus gets swollen due to the infection.

    • Painful movement of bowels Anal fistula disrupts the movement of bowels and causes pain in doing so too.

    • Bleeding Bleeding while bowel movements can be caused due to a fistula.

    • Fevers A general feeling of fatigue and feeling feverish is a strong indicator if it is accompanied by other symptoms of fistula.

  • Causes of Fistula

    Anal Fistula is generally caused due to infection of glands around the anal region.

    Other diseases or conditions that may also increase the risk of an anal fistula are-

    • Crohn’s Disease This is an autoimmune disease that majorly affects the small intestine and causes bowel disorders. This disease can lead to the development of the anal fistula.

    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS causes the development of fistula in the anus too.

    • Diverticulitis This is a disease where small pouches develop in the digestive tract (especially the large intestine), causing inflammation. An anal fistula is one of the effects of this ailment.

    • Trauma Trauma refers to any kind of injury to the anus that can cause the development of the fistula. Trauma during intrusive anal surgeries can be a cause of anal fistula.

    • Radiation Fistula in the anus can develop as an effect of radiation therapy for rectal cancer (the radiation is done on the anus).

    • Chronic diarrhoea Chronic diarrhoea can disrupt the functioning of the anus and lead to a fistula.

A fistula is a condition where an abnormal passageway forms between two parts of the body that are not meant to be connected otherwise. One of the most common types of fistula is the anal fistula. An anal fistula refers to the condition where a connection forms between the anus and the skin near it.

There are glands inside the anus which secrete fluids and they might get clogged due to some reason. This leads to the buildup of the secretion and the growth of bacteria, resulting in a pocket of swollen infected tissue. An anal fistula is usually the result of this infected tissue making its way by breaking out into the skin. The fistula is the tunnel created by the infected fluid connecting the gland to the skin.

An anal fistula is painful and causes pain during bowel movements. The anal fistula requires immediate medical attention. The best way to treat this ailment is anal fistula surgery.

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My elderly father had to get a fistulotomy and I was confused about where to go. Thanks to PharmEasy who handled the entire process and provided us with the best doctors. My father had a successful surgery and we even got dropped off at home by the Care Expert. This service is recommended to anyone looking for surgery options for their elderly parents.
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I did not know surgeries went so smoothly. PharmEasy provided experienced doctors who completed my surgery within only 30 minutes. I was back home before I knew it, which was also arranged by PharmEasy. I am grateful to them for providing such amazing service.
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I got a fistula surgery from one of the best hospitals in Mumbai that too for so cheap only because of PharmEasy. Their service is top-notch as they take care of everything from doctors appointments, diagnostic tests, to post-surgery care. You can expect high-grade service from this company.
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Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take for a fistula to heal?

    The recovery time for anal fistula differs from patient to patient based on the severity of their condition. There are factors like comorbid conditions, age, type of fistula that affect the recovery time. Generally, it takes around 1 week to heal from the surgery but the recovery time may extend to 4 or 6 weeks.

  • Is fistulotomy a safe procedure?

    Yes, fistulotomy is a very safe procedure. Book your surgery with PharmEasy. We provide doctors with more than 7 years of experience who can perform your fistulotomy with utmost precision.

  • How long does it take for a fistulotomy to be completed?

    The surgical procedure is simple and gets completed within 30 minutes.

  • Will I bleed after a fistulotomy?

    No, there is no bleeding in the laser piles surgery procedure

  • Is laser fistula surgery painful?

    No, Laser fistula surgery is a painless procedure that does not even involve any incision.

  • Will there be a loss of continence?

    There is no loss of continence during a fistulotomy since this fistula surgery method specifically avoids that.

  • What are the chances of recurrence of fistula after surgery?

    There is a minimal chance of the recurrence of fistula after surgery. Follow the instructions and medications advised by your doctor after surgery to reduce the risk of any recurrence.

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